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Surgical Podiatry Consultants, Inc.

SPC, Inc. is a Pennsylvania corporation in existence for over 30 years. It has been associated with all maters relating to Podiatry and has assumed ownership of PodiatryExchange.org.

Dr Leo Haber has been active in residency training for over 30 years and has been instrumental in establishing several hospital and post graduate residency programs and has been the director of Podiatry Exchange since its inception. He now serves as the President and CEO.

About PodiatryExchange.org

The podiatry Exchange represents the meeting place on the Internet for Podiatric Students, Residents, Program Directors and Private Practitioners.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors and advertisers the services of this website are Free.

Since the Podiatry Exchange allows for the sharing of current information between all segments of the podiatric profession, the web site has grown into the most active independent site on the Internet for podiatry.

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