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Zimmer EnPuls 2.0 Shockwave Unit- (excellent condition/low pulses.) Includes all accessories, four applicator heads, rubber tips, instruction manual/treatment regimens and stainless steel travel case. Asking $10,800. Brand new Zimmer cart available -asking $500 For more information/pics/video contact Dr Anna Marie at toebiz@icloud.com Accept Credit Card or Certified Check 4/16/24

Podiatry Equipment-  X-Ray view boxes, protective lead aprons, stainless steel film hangers. cassetts,3 Mayo stands, 3 whirlpools, surgical instruments, various foot pads. checks accepted. 215-757-0998 4/7/24

Xray- Model 128i imaging module with 02'-'03 preowned xcel. This was used about 60 times over the course of 3 years. Excellent condition and works perfectly. Local pickup or provide own packaging and shipping. Priced to sell. Cash, wire only. Please contact 9176926408 3/13/24

Xcel Xray Machine- Like new Xcel 20/20 digital office XR system. Less than 1 year old. Two panels and associated PC. Contact for additional details. Kmauk10@gmail.com 3/8/24

Zimmer Shockwave- (excellent condition)- Low Pulses. Includes all accessories plus travel case. Brand new Zimmer cart available also. For more information/pics/video contact Dr Anna Marie at toebiz@icloud.com Credit card or certified check. 3/4/24

Office equipment- Podiatry office equipment- (New England) 2 75C Ritter surgical tables, whirlpool, Film cassettes 8x10 & 10x12 and envelopes, developing tank, surgical hand instruments and more. For list and photos: podequipment@gmail.com PayPal is the only acceptable form of payment. 2/12/24

Summit LifeDop 250 dopler- Summit LifeDop 250 diagnostic ABI Doppler with recording. Reimbursable system.This system will pay for itself in days. Very accurate portable system! Dr. Brown DrBConfidential@aol.com 602-319-4006 Accept Venmo and Zelle 2/7/24

X-Cell X-ray for sale- X-Cell 715T-Bi-directional x-ray unit with Tiger View Panel/PC (2015) in excellent condition, one owner. Will consider reasonable offer. Also available, M9 Midmark UltraClave automatic sterilizer; ConMed Hyfercator2000; Nuvolase PinPointe Foot Laser. e-mail for Pricing: rnkg2008@gmail.com Venmo, Cash. 1/25/24

Storz Ergo 750 Power Set- Storz Ergo 750 Power System complete including high torque rotary, oscillating saw, and reciprocating saw. This is a lightly used system. Will consider reasonable offers Pleaser contact rsanders5@austin.rr.com  for more information. 1/11/24

Podiatry Chair- 5 PDM Chairs for Sale - Blue Midmark 646 Podiatry Chair with Foot Control. Gently used, purchased in 2021. Ideal for check-ups and specialized procedures. Like-new condition. For info, provide name, contact, and email. Email: info@thefootpros.com  Subject: "Podiatry Exchange" Cash. Listed on Ebay. 12/18/23

Office Equipment for sale- MTI 527 Chairs (3 years old) 5 available, like-new condition; Matching office chairs and stools; X-Cell 715T-Bi-directional x-ray unit with Tiger View Panel/PC (2015); Ritter 204 Exam table; M9 Midmark UltraClave automatic sterilizer; ConMed Hyfercator2000; Cynosure PinPointe Foot Laser. e-mail for Pricing: rnkg2008@gmail.com Cash, Venmo. 11/9/23