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Closing Ft Lauderdale office: Ritter75C table; PDM104C chair; ERGO electric power unit-Complete; Phillips Super90 X-ray; Spectroline 10' X 12" cassettes; Box of10" 12" film; Pelton Crane autoclave; Cast cutter; Boxes of tapes and dressings; Birkenstock blue footbeds; PowerSteps. MUCH MORE Please e-mail for availability to: rkh2619@bellsouth.net   drh 8/8/18


Surgical instruments- For sale: Assorted surgical instruments and the Ellman Surgitron. For pictures and prices contact: Ksherkin@gmail.com 11/12/18

Used chairs, xray- Used equipment for sale: Dexta model 602-18 chair, $400 obo. Perspective 14-1080 chair, $400 obo. ChiMed model 300 chair, $400 obo. X-Cel X-ray, and floor stand, Model AP-75, $300 obo. Konica tabletop processor $100 obo. All good cond. and functional. Location: Orange, ca. Pick-up only. sylphyn27@yahoo.com 11/8/18

Pinpointe Laser- Pinpointe laser for sale. Excellent condition. Lightly used. Extras included. $10,500 OBO. Contact rayfil100@yahoo.com  11/8/18

Biosound Ultrasound- Los Angeles: Oct 10 & 11 selling X-cell X-ray mach-$3000-not digital, BioSound Diag Ultrasound-hardly used $18K w/ stand & thermal printer, HP USB. Hill treatment chair-free, Podiatry Xray scanner $5000 excellent condition-with reusable plates. PT ultra-sound-$400, mayo-stands $200 ea. Must pick up Sylmar, CA. gilmanpodiatry230@gmail.com  10/8/18

Equipment- Unetixs-Revo-complete peripheral vascular diagnostic system.$3000.00 system upgrade in spring before I knew office closing. Sacrifice for 1500.00 or best offer. Also ultrasonic instrument cleaner. instruments, powersteps, surgical shoes and much more. email larrydpm2002@yahoo.com 10/3/18

Xray Processor- AllPro 2010 Imaging xray automatic processor for sale, $500. Works well. I'll include a Star Xray copier and couple gallons of fixer/developer if you pick it up (Sacramento, CA area). Email: podpractice7@gmail.com 9/27/18

MTI 527 Podiatry Chairs- I have 4 like new MTI 527 chairs for sale. This is the Cadillac of all Podiatry chairs. I never used them in the clinic. Call Dr James Kent, DPM at 903-805-1489 cell or jkentx@gmail.com  $5,000 each plus shipping OBO 9/27/18

Podiatry office equipment- Retired- for sale: (New England) 2 75C Ritter surgical tables, one blood donor chair w raised legs, whirlpool, cassettes and developing tank, surgical instruments and more. For list and photos: podequipment@gmail.com  9/18/18

Plain fil X ray copier- Star X Ray plain film copier. $350. Buyer pays shipping. Email: bcvii@aol.com 9/18/18

Unetixs-Revo 1100- Peripheral vascular diagnostic system, complete with arm/leg cuffs. PPG sensors, doppler probe, stand, printer. instructional CD. Software factory updated June,2018. Also available Ritter M9 autoclave, ultrasonic instrument cleaner, surgical and podiatry instruments. Office closed No reasonable offers refused. Email: larrydpm2002@yahoo.com 9/14/18

13 whirlpools for sale- We have 13 whirlpools for sale. // misc surgical instruments ultrasound p.t. Email: docfoot77@gmail.com 9/14/18

Ralco X-ray- I have 2 digital Ralco X-ray machines (portable) Hardly used. Date of Manufacturing is 2004. Great condition like brand new. Email for pictures. Price is negotiable. Email me at atheohar@aol.com 9/13/18

Ritter, Midmark, Whitehall- Have retired & sold office building-have 3 Ritter 75 chairs & 1 Midmark all in working order and good condition. Have 1 Whitehall Hydrotherapy unit; an ExCel Xray machine and processor; 2 Mayo stands & an exam table. Can send pictures if interested. Will take best offer. Purchaser responsible for shipping cost. Email: hbgdpm@aol.com 9/6/18

Chairs/Table- Closing and have several thing for sale. 4 hydraulic chairs in great condition $800 ea, 2 Portable hydrotherapy units and 1 stationary unit $500ea. CTS ultrasound machine (may need work)Make offer. Office furniture 1 couch 2 love seat and 2 chairs. Make offer. 4 mayo stands. Make offer Please email for pics Dr.darylhowell@yahoo.com 9/4/18

Sani-Grinder- Red Wing Sani-Grinder 1/4 HP with vacuum for sale. Grinder is used and in good working condition. Item is in the Pittsburgh area and prefer pick up. Asking price is $450. For more information, please email bort86@hotmail.com 9/4/18

Midmark 646 Podiatry Chair-  Free Podiatry Procedures Chairs x 3 available, all purchased for $8000+. One chair (light grey) is for sale for $5500: brand new, 10 months old, comes with Stool. Others x 2 (olive, green-blue) are for sale for $4000 each: 6 years old, serviced regularly and working very well. See midmark.com for specs. All 450 lb weight limit. Email: esbarnes03@yahoo.com 8/29/18

Midmark- midmark 417 chair black, mti chair black with polelite mayotray and visualblock fluroscan minicarm with printer medicool vacum drills osadapedo surgical drills chatanooga us units and muscle stims assorted miltex surgical insruments extensive list email rrranch7@yahoo.com  in NYC 8/27/19

Dual Monitor FluoroScan- For sale: FlurosScan model 50700. Perfect working condition. The unit has been completely restored. The unit works flawlessly. Original price was 20,000 dollars. Asking 12,000 dollars for the unit + shipping cost. Please contact Don Peacock DPM at 910-770-0036 or at peacockdpm@gmail.com.  Also includes printer for hard copy results. 7/11/18

Martin Cast Cutter- Martin Cast Cutter, Model 4183106, Serial # 18127. Includes original case, several blades. Asking $300. New Cast cutter sells for $1,000. Pictures on request. Set 4 McGlamry Elevators. Vendors price $95 each, $380 for the set. Asking $ 125. Dr. James Stewart, jstewartdpm@comcast.net 7/7/18update 9/4/18

Xray supplies located NJ - Xray film cassettes 8x10 $25@ 10x12 free with 8x10 identification tape for xrays full roll 100 foot Brand New Solingen Cuticle nippers we have 8 for sale buy eight for $60. Or individual ones for $10. each, Xray view box 2 foot by 1 foot holds 2 8x10 films wall or table mount $20. Email: podsurg1@gmail.com 6/15/18


PODIATRY INSTRUMENTS- PODIATRY INSTRUMENTS FOR SALE, previously used, in excellent condition. Price is 50-70% off the retail prices for new instruments. Email me for an inventory price list. suzanne.drbonner@gmail.com. 6/13/18

PODIATRY Exam Chairs- Closing office. Chairs Midmark 416 and 417, Xray unit (can be converted to digital), Autoclave, stools. Please email helpmyfeetdoc@gmail.com for details. 6/12/18

DR Digital X-ray for sale- DR Digital X-ray for sale. Complete system for taking all foot and ankle films. Samsung used DR Panel. Asking 9,000. Contact jbmoyles@yahoo.com  for details. 6/9/18

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