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Office closing sale- Podiatry chair, vacuums, surgical instruments, cray unit and doppler and vascular machine. Office closing sale. Best offer. Email me for list and prices. Email helpmyfeetdoc@gmail.com 6/11/19

Closing Office Southern CA- iCF 3600 digital x-ray processor, x-cell x-ray, 2x Midmark podiatry chairs,Jan-L vacuum hepa nail grinder, cast cutter, Autoclave, 4x wall mount articulating computer stations, waiting room chairs/wall art, file cabinet, office desk/chairs, Panasonic digital phone system w/6 lines and much more! All in excellent condition. phil@feetfixer.com/7/19

Midmark Podiatry Chairs- Midmark 416 (x2) Podiatry Chairs. Great working condition, reupholstered. $1500 each OBO. Midmark 117 great condition; needs new hydr. component, reupholstered. $200 OBO. Can drop off chairs at shipping depot or along I-10, Contact at (385) 229-6247 or adamr166@yahoo.com  6/7/19

Podiatry equipment- Best offer - retiring - autoclave - cast cutter - Doppler - x-ray processor - nail dust extractor - x-ray view box. Email: doctorcerillo@verizon.net 5/27/19

Podiatry equipment- PDM JW 104B chair gray in very good condition. MinXray mobile unit P200 Type A.Two Xray view boxes. 2 Burton exam lights. Styker command micro e system including a drill, console and cable.Located in Queens NY. Email: gbfdpm@aol.com 5/27/19

Equipment and supplies- Retiring in SE Washington: equipment and supplies must go! Post-op shoes, instruments, Body Armor walker boots, Prefab orthotics, Bone stimulators, BD syringes and Monoject needles (26G-2 1/2 inches), Vista AVS from Summit Doppler Systems, waiting-room chairs, file cabinets and more! Please email me at curtiswlong@yahoo.com 5/15/19

MTI 526 Podiatry Chair- This item is a MTI 526 podiaty chair. It was bought when the practice was winding down. It has no scratches or tears I can see. The chair is like new. Includes matching stool, also in perfect condition. Cost is $2500.00. Pick up preferred. Buyer pays shipping otherwise.  Email: mitchgertz@hotmail.com  Wakefield, MA 5/8/19

Sonocur Basic ESWT machine- Low frequency shock wave therapy machine. 2,000,000 shocks on the head. Please email for more information Email: lwittenberg1@hotmail.com 5/8/19

Equipment and supplies- Office is closing. I have 5 Midmark 417 chairs, Sonosite Micromaxx ultrasound machine, several X-cel x-ray machines with processors, x-ray cassettes, grinders, instruments, and lots of supplies for sale. I also have very nice waiting room chairs, file cabinets, and much more. Please email me at gstirneman@tyler.net for more info and pictures.

Boyd Podiatry Chair- Used Boyd Podiatry Chair for sale. Functional, but pnuematic tilt is weak with heavier patients. Lift is functional. Asking $400. Buyer pays for shipping. Contact Dr. Eric Silvers at 214-551-4139 3/28/19

MTI chair  MTI chair with pole lite visual block and mayo tray Mini c arm with printer assorted Miltex surgical instruments US machine Muscle stims koven smartdoppler with printer all sold reasonably contact rrranch7@yahoo.com 3/25/19

Podiatry Chairs- We have 3 podiatry chairs for sale, give us your best offer. You are responsible for picking up the chairs, Burlington, MA and Andover, MA, we do not deliver. Chairs ready in August. Payment due up front. Email: spandover@outlook.com 3/25/19

Exam table Ritter 104- Used in good condition 2 exam table . Model Ritter 104.jersey city NJ Email: jceddie@gmail.com 3/18/19

Xcel xray- Xcel X-ray machine, Model MB 700. Including plates, and all. Email: Jennaortega83@gmail.com 3/18/19

Cast Cutter Cast Splitter- Very good condition Stryker cast cutter model 9002-210. Very little use. Sharp blade. Works as new. Metal body, not plastic. Also stainless steel cast spreader. Cutter $345 shipped. Spreader $85 shipped. Pictures available. Email for info or questions: ifixfeet@verizon.net 2/28/19

Podiatry equipment- Podiatry office equipment- Retired- Podiatry office equipment for sale: (New England) 2 75C Ritter surgical tables, one blood donor chair w raised legs, whirlpool, cassettes and developing tank, surgical instruments and more. For list and photos: podequipment@gmail.com  2/23/19

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