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Podiatry Equipment- ESAOTE MyLab Touch Ultrasound Therapy Unit,X-CEL X-RAY P700 Podiatric X-Ray,WHITEHALL Used, but good condition whirlpool for Physical Therapy or wash lower extremity area. Selling as is no warranty Whirlpool / Bath. Please email FFOOTDOC@AOL.COM  for photos selling as is condition. 10/22/21

Midmark Chair, Autoclave- Podiatry Chair Midmark 416 in great working condition. 2500 plus shipping, or local pickup. Houston TX. Ritter M7 Speedclave in great working condition. 1000 plus shipping, or local pickup. Houston TX contact: hhhsmath06@gmail.com  or text 254-220-5560 for photo, video, or questions. 10/18/21

Pod Chairs, Autoclave, Dt- Midmark 417 and 117 (2), Pelton/Crane Delta XL Autoclave, PDM Chair, MicroVas Units(2), A2D2 Digital X-ray, K-Laser with Stand, Eosate Ultrasound with Stand, Jan L nail Dust Extractors (2) , Burton Exam Light on Stand, Posterior Night Splints, BK Walkers,and other misc supplies. contact: talktodrdan@gmail.com 10/15/21

Midmark 417- FOR SALE: MIDMARK 417 podiatry chair in Wonderful condition! New upholstery! Chair works great! I can ship freight anywhere in the country. I can send you photos and videos of it working if interested. $3,200 plus shipping. Call Dr. James Kent DPM 903-805-1489 cell Tyler Texas 10/6/21

PDM podiatry chair- Excellent appearance, recently recovered, good working condition PDM podiatry chair with foot pedal and debris tray. $1200. You pay for shipping. If interested or any questions please email sparksfootdoc@gmail.com. Payment may be made by Venmo. 9/29/21

FOZ A2D2 DR X-ray System- Used FOZ Networks A2D2 Model 128s DR Xray system and X-Cel Model MB-700A/C x-ray machine. $10k for DR system and $3,500 for X-Cel xray PLUS shipping/packing/insurance (cost TBD). Payment: cashierís check or credit card only (with 3% processing fee for CC). scott@happyfeetpodiatry.com  Pictures: http://happyfeetpodiatry.com/xray.html  9/28/21

Digital X-ray and other- Podiatry equipment- digital A2D2 X-ray, MTI vacuum cabinet (2), MTI Clarus 4 exam light, dual mount surgical light, X-ray viewbox (2), ultrasonic cleaner, therapeutic ultrasound, hyfrecator, Podotronic drill (3), Dermojet, reasonable offers will be accepted, contact went218bc@comcast.net. 9/16/21

Q-clear laser machine- Do you want to add $4000 cash to your practice every month. Q-clear laser almost new valued $44,000 is for sale . Priced to sell $25,000 . Call 818-519-2294. 9/13/21

Midmark- 2 Midmark chairs, excellent condition, 1 teal green, 1 blood burgundy red. 1 Tuttnauer autoclave Model 2540EA Digital will accept printer. 4 shelf 10"round chamber 18"deep.excellent condition. True to Temperature. 1 Excel X-ray machine, older works well. Pick up only, Central Florida. Contact drgo777@aol.com 8/20/21

Podiatry Equipment- Orthopedic cast cutter; Madajet XL; 10"12" Spectroline X-ray cassettes; X-ray fil; Apron;lead blocks; Wolf dbl viewbox; Madajet XL; Sonicator; Birtcher Hyfrecator; Podiatry art; Send return e-mail to: robertkhalldpm@bellsouth  for photos 8/12/21

X cel x-ray- For Sale. x-cel x ray unit. Used in satellite office. Email: drfootfixer@gmail.com 8/5/21

Boyd surgical chair- Boyd PD-331 surgical chair. Red, and great condition. Best offer. Email spierfootmanager@gmail.com

Podiatry chairs- Two PDM podiatry examination chairs for sale plus a parts chair. Two chairs work perfectly recently week upholstered in ox blood red medial grade upholstery. meadpod@aol.com 7/14/21

Podiatry equipment- Podiatry chair with the matching exam chair, surgical light, exam light, podiatry supplies, please send text message to 973-747-4294  7/8/21

Ferno/Ille hydrotherapy- 4 Ferno/Ille hydrotherapy units. $400 each. Call me at 9495313357 or email cherriemastergeorge@gmail.com 7/5/21

Reliance Podiatry Chairs- Reliance Podiatry Treatment Chairs - a total of 3, can be sold separately or together, $150. each. Shimadzu XL SDU-350 diagnostic ultra sound machine with printer, 1,250. Please contact Pam at 973-219-7037 6/11/21

PADnet ABI- PADnet machine in office Vascular assessment. No longer used in our office works well. For sale $1500 plus shipping. email us for pics slofoot@gmail.com 6/2/21

Whitehall whirlpool JO135- Selling Whitehall Whirlpool model JO135 for $1,000. Reach me at gnm4195@gmail.com  or 732-284-0045. 5/23/21

Midmark Podiatry Chairs- Two blue Midmark 417 chairs for sale. In excellent shape and fully functional. For pick up only in East Texas. email gstirneman@gmail.com  for more info and pictures. I also have a Sonosite Micromaxx portable ultrasound machine available. 4/22/21

PinPointe Foot Laser- PinPointe FootLaser for treating onychomycosis(fungus) for Sale. The laser is in great condition. Please email for more information bilinksyoffice@gmail.com 4/19/21

Podiatry Equipment- Podiatry office equipment- (New England) 2 75C Ritter surgical tables, whirlpool, Film cassettes 8x10 & 10x12 and envelopes, developing tank, surgical hand instruments and more. For list and photos: podequipment@gmail.com  4/11/21

Podiatry supplies and equipment- for sale Central NJ send text 973-747-4294 or call 732-970-4580, Podiatry Chairs with matching staff chairs, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Surgical Light, Podiatry Cabinet, IV Stands and office supplies 3/19/21

Erchonia Lunula Laser- FDA Cleared Toenail Fungus Treatment. $16,250 + s&h from NY. Purchased New 4 yrs ago, excellent condition. Minimal usage. Hands free device, Increase your cash services. Inquire at marboy37@gmail.com 3/15/21

Esaote MyLabOne U/S- Esaote MyLabOne Musculoskeletal portable ultrasound machine for sale. Great condition/hardly used. Located in Hartford area, CT. $6,000. Please respond to: central.ct.podiatrist@gmail.com 3/5/21

MTI chair- MTI chair with attached pole with halogen lite mayotray and visualblock foot control only 3 way function $985 was a 7k list also hologic fluroscan older model single screen mobile $975 all equipment in great working order priced to steal In NYC contact rrranch7@yahoo.com 3/5/21

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