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Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com 

The following practices need doctors immediately under the Independent Doctor program. Earn above-average income and equity ownership. Entrepreneur doctors/companies can earn on-going residual income by investing in some of these practices.

Seller and Buyer financing methods have been developed by Medical Mavin (MM) to speed up the lending process  (even with bad credit).  If you are selling or buying a practice, call MM to learn how these many financial options work.  The following practices need doctors immediately under the Independent Doctor program.  Earn above-average income and equity ownership.  Entrepreneur doctors/companies can earn on-going residual income by investing in some of these practices.

CA San Francisco Bay Area. Seller wants to sell his $350K per year practice and then wind down over 2 to 4 years using Medical Mavin’s Independent Doctor’s System wind down method. This means the seller holds the financing note that is paid monthly. This wind down method has many significant features to discuss. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #705.002PE0517

MI Southeast. Buy this practice using Medical Mavin's Independent Doctor's System with seller loan terms. Practice grossing $550K doing Medicare 35%, Blue Cross 30% & Medicaid 10%. Call 610-518-7411 for total explanation on buying this perfect practice. #5529.003PE0517

MN Southern. Practice averages a gross of $120K; Seller's choice to work part time. Buyer will pay less for a low-volume practice and can expand the practice and double the revenue, earning $80K to $100K per year. New listing, call 610-518-7411 for details. #6496.001PE0517

OH Northeastern. Ideal transaction for podiatrist who wants to work in podiatry practice as an Independent Doctor/Associate. When desired, doctor has opportunity to purchase practice with Seller financing under Independent Doctor's System. Practice services SX 40%, C&C 60%, Sports Med 5%, Ped 5%, Diabetic 70% and Wound Care 10%; high volume on DME items. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #6786.002PE0517

SD Western. Independent Doctor Associate wanted to operate a practice full time for good income and earn a percentage of ownership. This practice is currently averaging 260 patient visits per month doing sx 20%, c&c 30%, sports 10% & orthotics 30%. Cash 10%, Medicare 23%, Medicaid 3%, Blue Cross 32% & third party 32%. The practice is located in an above average area to live and work. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for total details on this opportunity. #3623.003PE0517

TX Southern. Seller wants to sell practice and work with Buyer using Medical Mavin’s (MM) Independent Doctor’s System (IDS), where Seller holds the purchase loan to the Buyer. MM’s IDS is a very sophisticated method for the Buyer to be totally successful operating and purchasing the practice. The practice is grossing $350K, operated conservatively with Medicare 40%, Medicare 8%, BlueCross 9% & third-party 22%. Call 610-518-7411 for full details on this opportunity. #281.002PE0517

US NATIONWIDE: Associates, Independent Doctors and/or Buyers Needed Immediately. Receive top pay with practice-related expenses paid and on-going major support to start operating an office-based practice and be first to be considered for any offices that would become available where you want to live. Earn additional residual on-going income. Many more benefits available. Some areas paying up to $2K as signing bonus. Please call 610-518-7411 to discuss and learn how the Independent Doctor's System will fit your needs, free of charge. #312.014PE0517

Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com



Patients are a virtue!

Full & Part time opportunity: Podiatry Plus is a 30+ year growing group practice that focuses on providing necessary foot care with proven results to nursing home residents throughout

Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri.

This is a great opportunity for young podiatrists and physicians looking to add a consistent patient flow to augment their private practice. Our team members are committed to ethically providing great care, and great service. No diabetic shoe nor vascular study self referrals: no upcoding; no bs procedures! Complete financial transparency with our doctors. If you are both honest and ambitious you can make a difference and will be rewarded for your efforts.

Call 773-775-0300 and ask for Neal, or email NealN@PodiatryPlus.net
or see our website www.podiatryplus.net/employment 


FLORIDA AREAS: Well qualified Podiatrists needed to treat PODIATRIC PATIENTS. Position requires physicians to treat patients in facilities throughout Florida. Special interest in physicians who are in Tampa and surrounding west Florida geographies. Medical Assistant may be available depending on geography. Clinician must posses active Florida License. Hospital Affiliations desired in candidates as a plus! For more information please send CV via Email to- Info@mhdpm.com


Denver VA Fellowship Program: The Denver VA is pleased to announce its Podiatric Wound Care and Diabetic Foot Research Fellowship Program. For further details please visit: www.vadenver.net/fellowship/information. Edward Ballow, DPM, FACFASChief, Podiatric Section, Surgery Service Director, Podiatric Residency and Fellowship Education, DVA Medical Center - Denver1055 Clermont St (112), Denver, CO 80220-3808.  Phone 303-399-8020 x2019


Inland Empire, California: Part-time Podiatrist to service Skilled Nursing Facilities in
San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, LA, and San Diego counties. Independent Contractor. Provide Podiatry Asst. And supplies. Please call 951-212-6661 also submit resume mcarrasco@pete-Melissa.com  Thank you, Dr. Carrasco


Eastpointe, MI:
$100k+ opportunity: HealthLand, PC is a home care company providing house calls to Detroit and Flint areas. Motivated DPM needed for high compensation, flexible hours, vehicle + driver service, EHR documentation, malpractice for FT work. Please contact Lauren, administrator: 586-445-2911.


The following ads are in order by state:

Chandler & Gilbert, Arizona- Arizona practice hiring. Highly respected and growing. Seeking BC/BQ. Must be hardworking, motivated, have excellent clinical/surgical skills, quality patient care, wound care. Partnership opportunity. No nursing homes. Highly trained staff. Competitive salary/commission. Send CV to drlaurino@yahoo.com. 8/1/17

Little Rock, Arkansas- Associate Position available immediately: All modern modalities for in office care with full surgical capabilities at all major area hospitals and surgery centers. Seeking ABFAS eligible/certified candidate with a desire to perform all facets of our profession. Competitive salary in place. Forward CV to Drwashburn@FACLR.com 5/31/17

Phoenix, AZ- Currently seeking an Associate Podiatrist to join our office in Phoenix. Conduct comprehensive evaluations, treatment and assessments of foot disorders. Generous six figure income. Medical and Dental benefits. Email me at: Podiatry@onesourcemobilehc.com 7/21/17

Bakersfield, California- Full time position. Covering fairly conservative office while practitioner recovers from illness. We hope this will become a permanent position. It is a small office, one practitioner and one office staff. Email: footdoc20@att.net 7/15/17

Costa Mesa, California- Part-time position in various locations (Long Beach, Compton, Costa Mesa) for total of approximately 34 hours per month with possible increase in hours in future. Surgical and non-surgical care. Must be able to obtain hospital privileges. Email: foot.oc@gmail.com 5/26/17

El Monte, CA- Podiatry office to share; two treatment rooms available. Email: Chiudpm@yahoo.com 8/11/17

Irvine, CA- Looking for a smart, hard working, entrepreneurial Podiatrist. Start date July 2018. We are a busy practice with 3 office location. This is an opportunity to grow with us and a path to partnership. For more details about me please visit ocpodiatry.com. Send your letter of intention along with a CV footpain@gmail.com 6/21/17

Los Angeles, CA- Sports Podiatry Office looking for a board-certified/qualified Associate comfortable with all aspects of podiatry and palliative foot-care. Competitive compensation. New graduates considered. Practice is well equipped with digital x-ray, ultrasound, Shockwave Therapy, Laser Nail Therapy, EMR and PT. Please send CV to podiatry@drdangeller.com 5/26/17

Wilmington, Delaware- Associate Position-Northern Delaware. Progressive ten doctor practice ( Brandywine Podiatry ) with four full time offices looking for motivated/mature associate. Must have PSR-36 ABFAS qualified/certified credentials. Heavy volume of reconstructive rearfoot and forefoot surgery. Send CV to savage6026@comcast.net 8/1/17

FLORIDA AREAS: Well qualified Podiatrists needed to treat PODIATRIC PATIENTS. Position requires physicians to treat patients in facilities throughout Florida. Special interest in physicians who are in Tampa and surrounding west Florida geographies. Medical Assistant may be available depending on geography. Clinician must posses active Florida License. Hospital Affiliations desired in candidates as a plus! For more information please send CV via Email to- Info@mhdpm.com

Clearwater, FL- Tampa and Clearwater, FL- Seeking a full time associate position for busy 2 locations practice. Candidate must have completed a three-year surgical residency. Must obtain Florida-license prior to starting. Offering competitive salary and benefits. Email: tfkussel@msn.com 8/15/17

Jacksonville, FL- Hard working polished podiatrist needed for ver very busy solo practice. With multiple locations. Board certified or board ready. Dynamic practice with excellent opportunities. Email: jmanueldpm@yahoo.com  7/7/17

Miami, Florida- Podiatrist Needed for Miami, Florida Clinics. Must have Florida Pediatric License. Full-time & Part-time Available. Email Resume to miamifoot@aol.com or Fax 305-642-4044 4/17/17

Tampa, Fl- Associate Position- Tampa Bay. Seeking a well trained Podiatrist. Well-established, dynamic multi-doctor practice in Tampa Bay. Sports medicine, surgery and general podiatry. No NH/HMO's. Excellent hospital privileges. C.V. to DPM77@tampabay.rr.com 4/7/17

Atlanta, GA- full time position, one day off every 2 weeks. split between office and geriatrics. surgery for those that want it. never overworked. perfect for active lifestyle or raising family. live in city or the suburbs. Email: drstoll@atlantafoot.com 7/17/17

Southwest, Georgia- Practice seeking hardworking podiatrist for primarily nonsurgical position. Should be comfortable with gentle, palliative care. Must be familiar with EHR. New graduates welcome. Part time position which may lead to full time position. Possible growth in to office based and surgery available. Forward CV to PAGPC@yahoo.com 7/7/17

Indianapolis, Indiana- Podiatrist wanted to provide care in long term facilities. PT/FT. Willing to travel up to 90 min. Generous compensation on revenue not collections! Malpractice covered. Med, Dent, Vis provided also short, long term disability and 401K. All supplies provided. No more worries of insurance battles or staffing. Will cover IN license if needed. Email: offuttdpm@comcast.net 7/15/17

Boston, MA- The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is seeking a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine to join the Podiatry Division of the Foot and Ankle Service at MGH. This position represents a unique opportunity to build a technology and forefoot surgical based foot and ankle program at one of the world’s leading academic health care institutions. Email: RDorman@partners.org 6/26/17

Boston, MA- BOSTON SUBURB, MA: Full time/Part time Podiatrist for a Busy Podiatry Practice. All aspects of Podiatry, multiple office. Surgicenter and Harvard teaching hospital affiliations. Part of a residency program. Excellent opportunity. Competitive pay plus benefits package. New Grads welcome to apply. Please Email CV to doctorfootandtoes@yahoo.com 5/5/17

Frederick, MD- Immediate position available. GREAT opportunity to join a thriving practice with all of the bells and whistles including an in-office Ambulatory Surgical Center in beautiful Frederick, Maryland. Competitive salary with bonus structure and excellent benefits. Email: mynewposition75@gmail.com 7/21/17

Hattiesburg, Mississippi- Thriving 20 year established practice requires addition of podiatrist to its group for growth and service of community needs of over a quarter of a million people. The Practice is located in Hattiesburg, MS and has a large service area. Strong starting salary with generous contract advancements for a driven, caring podiatrist. Email: totalfootcareclinic@hotmail.com 5/10/17

Central NJ- Group Practice with multiple locations in search for a surgical Podiatrist. Base Salary and Bonus TBD. Must be willing to do all aspects of Podiatry, forefoot and rearfoot training must. Email: grouppodiatrynj@outlook.com  5/11/17

Jersey City, NJ- Full time associate position in NJ full scope of podiatry including high surgical volume and conservative care, all aspects of podiatry, Starting Salary 90 k partnership available for the interested candidate in one year, if you are a hard worker and willing to build a practice potential income 150 k with bonus and incentive. Email: Dpmassociate@hotmail.com 4/5/17

Vineland, New Jersey- Associate position available in Southern New Jersey. Busy practice, with 3 doctors and 2 offices. We practice in all aspects of podiatry. Will consider part time and full time employment. Must have NJ license. Please send CV if interested. Experience preferred but not required. Email: ajdaridpm@gmail.com 8/11/17

Las Cruces, NM- Associate position available in busy southern New Mexico office. Excellent mix of surgery and general podiatry. Stable source of referrals and the office utilizes two satellite offices as well. We use two area hospitals with full privileges. Pleas send CV, letters of recommendation, and brief bio to the email address. Email: mullanman2@yahoo.com  5/5/17

Las Vegas, NV- MUST HAVE NV LICENSE!!! Seeking ethical, well-trained Podiatrist for busy, full service practice in Las Vegas, NV. Wound care, foot surgery, rearfoot/ankle surgery, and clinic work. PLEASE HAVE NV PODIATRY LICENSE BEFORE SUBMITTING RESUME!!!!!!  Email: lwittenberg1@hotmail.com 7/15/17

Albany, NY- Associate position with potential for partnership. Capital district area, NY. Send e-mail with contact information, if interested. Email: kmdpm50@verizon.net  7/26/17

Bellmore, New York- Associate needed: Board Certified/qualified podiatrist for busy Long Island practice. Must be personable, energetic, highly motivated. Excellent Salary, flexible hours, PT/FT hours available. Modern office with EHR, Digital X-rays, incorporating all phases of Podiatry including surgery and wound care. Please email CV to jobke@aol.com 7/7/17

New York City-Metro Area, New York- Part-time to Full-time Podiatrist wanted, to help cover my offices in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens (details discussed during interview). Must be personable, reliable, able to work independently and able to commute. Recent graduates are encouraged to apply. Compensation is competitive. Please send resumes to sadia878dpm@gmail.com. 5/31/17

New York, New York- Midtown Manhattan, New York - long established, well rounded practice in highly desirable location seeking associate for excellent opportunity. Must be well trained, highly motivated self starter to grow within the practice leading to partnership. Please send CV to podiatricpractice@gmail.com.  5/2/17

New York City, NY-  NY State approved Precepteeship. My last 3 Preceptees got a Residency (serious applicants only) Biomechanics, Dermatology, Biomedical Engineering of the Foot & Lower Extremity Stipend $20,000 Learn procedures and protocols that Residency Directors love to add to their programs. Send resume and contact info to: drsha@lifestylepodiatry.com 4/5/17

Rockville Centre, New York- Attention Graduating Residents!!! We are seeking an Independent Doctor / Associate to work Part or Full time in a busy, progressive, and modern podiatry practice in Rockville Centre, NY. Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency (PMSR) is a requirement. Please email CV and contact information to: allislandpodiatry@yahoo.com 4/10/17

Selden, NY- Associate leading to sale of practice looking to be able to work part time Email: Blueft@optonline.net 6/28/17

White Plains, New York- Great Location 20 minutes from NYC Thriving Practice looking for hard-working Associate. Modern, Cutting-Edge Equipment with Advanced Technology - PinPointe Laser, Fluoroscope, Diagnostic Sonogram. Great office staff, Well Established for over 40 years! Partnership Opportunity. Surgical and Non-Surgical. Please send CV to: linchpindpm@yahoo.com 5/17/17

Elizabeth City, NC- Board Certified/qualified podiatrist for 2 office practice in northeastern NC and Virginia Beach area. Must be personable, energetic, highly motivated. Office has EHR, X-rays, incorporating all phases of Podiatry including surgery, diabetic foot care, sports medicine and wound care. Please email CV to sandra@activefac.hrcoxmail.com 7/17/17

Harrisburg, PA- Busy 2 office practice in Central PA seeking associate for unique opportunity to step in and flourish. Candidate should be surgically trained, ethical and personable, and willing to work hard to grow their practice. Salary, bonus and future partnership are available. Please forward CV and letter of interest to centralPApods@gmail.com 6/21/17

Philadelphia, PA- FT associate with partnership opportunities for NW Philadelphia 35 year inner-city practice. Busy practice includes surgery, consults, NH, and lots of routine care. Applicant must be friendly as well as quick. Cover letter and CV to: NWPhillypodiatrist@gmail.com 8/3/17

Warrington, Pennsylvania- I am looking for Podiatrist to run office leading to quick sale. Reasonable terms available. Dr retiring for health reasons contact: drcath@hotmail.com  4/24/17

Upstate, South Carolina- Busy and well established practice, with excellent patient base in South Carolina; seeking a competent, well rounded, personable, motivated podiatrist to become full-time/part-time associate. Salary, bonus, and future partnership opportunity for a hard working and driven individual willing to grow. Please submit CV to scfootdoctor@gmail.com. 7/12/17

Memphis, Tennessee- Associate PSR 24/36 needed for busy podiatry practice. Must be ethical and hardworking. Forefoot, rearfoot, biomechanic, and limb salvage experience required. Great opportunity for the right individual. Send CV to DRNLUCAS@YAHOO.COM 4/7/17

Trenton, Tennessee- Looking for a well-rounded podiatric physician to join a very busy and growing podiatry practice. Hospital privileges are available. Practice is about 30% surgical with the remainder wound care and general podiatry. Only serious inquiries. Email: jtharris77@outlook.com  7/26/17

El Paso, TX- Full time position available in El Paso, TX immediately. Busy practice, over 40 years experience. Looking for associate to help with large patient volume. Partnership opportunity available. Willing to work with new graduates. Texas License required. Please email charleypittle@aol.com  for more information. 6/19/17

San Marcos, TX - Busy Podiatry Practice in San Marcos, TX seeking an Associate to join the practice. Please send letter of Intent and CV to: Hillcountryfootspecialist@yahoo.com 5/26/17

TYLER, TEXAS- Associates job opportunity at East Texas Foot and Ankle Centers located in Tyler Texas. Wonderful opportunity for a new residency graduate. To learn more about our office, please visit our website at www.TylerFootclinic.com, or contact Dr. Kent at 903-805-1489 for more information about the position. 4/28/17

Fairfax Virginia- our multi office Podiatry group are looking for well rounded surgically trained (3 years and board qualified) doctors to take over for one of our associates who is leaving the area. our practice is located 20 minutes outside of Washington DC. position is available immediately. please email office@familyfootandankle.com  or fax cv to 703 832 8307  5/5/17