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Southeast and Central Florida

Energetic, personable associate wanted part-time for ALF's.
 Competitive salary, flexible hours, assistant provided. Call 800.779.8551
or e-mail CV to info@mhdpm.com




Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com 
The following practices need doctors immediately under the Independent Doctor program. Earn above-average income and equity ownership. Entrepreneur doctors/companies can earn on-going residual income by investing in some of these practices.

ASSOCIATE/INDEPENDENT DOCTORS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR ALL STATES, BUT ESPECIALLY IA, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, TX, & UT. Become part of the nationwide Associate/Independent Doctor's System (IDS) in many office-based practices and/or nursing homes/home visit programs. Benefits include: higher than average income, practice-related expenses paid including malpractice, travel, etc. We have a system in place allowing doctors and billing personnel to review the billing information, helping to prevent billing code issues. Don't take any nursing home/home visit jobs without contacting us first. Call 610-518-7411. #33.002PE0714

AZ  Entire State.  NEED TWO DOCTORS IMMEDIATELY.  Associate/Independent Doctors, full and/or part time, needed to service all types of out-of-office facilities.  You pick the area and the schedule. The Independent Doctor's System has many benefits and safety features including practice-related expenses paid and doctor involvement with billing and coding.  Call 610-518-7411 and ask for information package outlining this high level opportunity.   #312.018PE1214

FL  Southeast.  Practice grossing $350K.  New listing, doctor needed ASAP to operate practice.  Call 610-518-7411 for full details if you desire to practice in southeastern Florida.   #6570.001PE1214

IA   Entire State.  Podiatrists needed to do nursing homes under Medical Mavin's Independent Doctor's System (IDS) program that is totally fair to all parties.  The IDS pays doctor's practice-related expenses, and most importantly, doctor receives the EOBs for matching to superbills.  Call 610-518-7411 and ask for information package outlining this exceptional opportunity.   #312.016PE1214

MI  Southeastern.  No Job can top this transaction!  This One Million Dollar gross revenue practice is a great opportunity.  The owners are willing to work with buyer from one to four years under the Independent Doctor's System wind-down method with Sellers' financing or a group partnership.  Practice is 40% Medicare, 15% Medicaid & 25% Blue Cross.  Buyer could easily increase the gross revenue by adding treatment modalities not currently offered.  Call 610-518-7411.   #5529.002PE1214

MN  Southern.  Practice averages a gross of $120K; Seller's choice to work part time.  Buyer will pay less for a low-volume practice and can expand the practice and double the revenue, earning $80K to $100K per year.  New listing, call 610-518-7411 for details.   #6496.001PE1214

OH  Akron Area.  Associate / Independent Doctor needed full or part time for practice moving to very good location.  All new office, designed specifically for podiatry.  Call 610-518-7411 for details.  #7.035PE1214

OH   Want to practice anywhere in Ohio?  Medical Mavin has many opportunities that we should discuss TODAY.  Call 610-518-7411.  Ask for Bob or Jack.   #7.055PE1214

OR  Northern.  Doctor desires an associate to work in one office under Medical Mavin's Independent Doctor's System.  Practice grossing $300K with very good mix of services and insurance providers.  Independent Doctor could earn $75K to $100K per year.  Call Medical Mavin, Ltd. at 610-518-7411 for complete details.   #6594.002PE1214

PA   Philadelphia Suburbs.  Help build a network of offices in the Philadelphia suburbs. Doctor needed immediately to operate two offices, grossing $325K.  Potential earnings of $110K. Offices now using heart-monitored circulator boot system for diabetic/wound care patients. Any doctors, having one or more offices, who are interested in discussing the office network idea, please call 610-518-7411 for details.   #134.001PE1214

PA  Delaware County & NE Philly offices need an Associate/Independent Doctor immediately to work in both offices.  Both facilities are fully operational with state-of-the-art equipment.  Earn above average income along with equity ownership of up to 49% with no capital required.  Call 610-518-7411 ASAP to learn more about this exciting opportunity.   #312.003PE1214

PA  Radnor Area.  Office and nursing home practice grossing $400K needs an Associate/Independent Doctor to operate the practice full time in conjunction with owner doctor.  Many advantages relating to the Independent Doctor agreement with Independent Doctor earning free partial ownership of the total practice.  Call 610-518-7411 for full details.  Send your CV to mm@medicalmavin.com ASAP.   #312.005PE1214

PA  Chester County.  Desire Independent Doctor / Associate to totally operate the practice and earn free equity in the practice.  This is a great opportunity.  Practice grossing $160K, doing sx 10%, c&c 40%,  orth. 25%, Diabetic & wound care 20%.  Dr. has chosen to reduce his work schedule for the last two years, with 160 patients visits per month.  Very good practice to expand.  New listing.  Call 610-518-7411 for information on how the I.D.S. works.   #6440.002PE1214

SC  Total State.  NEED DOCTORS IMMEDIATELY.  Full and part time Associate/Independent Doctor podiatrists needed to service nursing homes.  Earn higher than average income with an opportunity to be put in an office practice.  Doctors will receive draw salary upon signing up. Call 610-518-7411 immediately for full details.   #33.008PE1214

US  Start immediately, anywhere in the United States.  Practice your profession while traveling the state and providing caring service to patients of nursing facilities and we’ll handle the business aspects, with complete disclosure to you.  Earn competitive income with an opportunity to be placed in an office to practice.  Doctors may receive advances on salary upon signing up.  Call 610-518-7411 immediately for full details.   #33.009PE1214

US   NATIONWIDE:  Associates, Independent Doctors and/or Buyers Needed Immediately.  Receive top pay with practice-related expenses paid and on-going major support to start operating an office-based practice, and/or help build a network of nursing homes and be first to be considered for any offices that would become available where you want to live.  Earn additional residual on-going income. Many more benefits available. Some areas paying up to $2K as signing bonus. Please call 610-518-7411 to discuss and learn how the Independent Doctor's System will fit your needs, free of charge.   #312.014PE1214

VA   Entire State.  NEED TWO DOCTORS IMMEDIATELY.  Associate/Independent Doctors, full and/or part time, needed to service all types of in-office and out-of-office facilities.  You pick the area and the schedule. The Independent Doctor's System has many benefits and safety features including paid practice-related expenses and doctor involvement with billing and coding.  Total support of operating doctor and staff makes this an ideal position.  Call 610-518-7411 and ask for information package outlining this high level opportunity.   #312.01PE1214

VA   Practice in Virginia Beach area needs a full time Independent Doctor / Associate to solely operate the practice with total staff support and a lot of experience to help expand the overall practice and nursing home facilities.  The Independent Doctor's System allows the Independent Doctor / Associate a percentage of equity ownership by meeting the agreed upon goals in the contract.  Call 610-518-7411 for full details.   #312.02PE1214

Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com

The following ads are in order by state:


Albertville, Alabama-  I am having to take a 2yr. Medical Leave due to a congenital abnormality of bilateral arms. The position is immediate. My practice grossed over $500,000 last year, working only 4 days a week. There is very little competition and we have been voted " Best of the Best" in Marshall County for the past 5yr.'s. Furthermore, we are the only place in the county that dispenses Diabetic Shoes. Also, new EMR system. The position will pay 40% of yearly Net pay.  Email: Drsnyder8@gmail.com 7/6/14

Russellville, AR- Growing, well established practice! Podiatrist needed for full time, permanent position in Russellville Arkansas Very competitive comp package with full line of benefits. For more info please email jw@ferdowsianfootandankle.com or call 51-327-3668. 7/22/14

Phoenix/Scottsdale, AZ-  Great opportunity for ownership of your own office within one year. Surgically trained podiatrist in a full spectrum podiatry. Modern office, amazing location, fully digital, EPAT, diagnostic US, Digital Xrays and a great client base. If you are highly motivated, board qualified and have great communication skills and want opportunity for immediate buy in please send resume. Must be licensed in Arizona before end of 2014. Email: mbfoot2004@yahoo.com 10/25/14

Scottsdale, Arizona-  Mobile podiatrist position available in arizona. please call 312-953-3952 for more information. 4/17/14

Anaheim, CA-   Orange County, CALIFORNIA, PART TIME LEADING TO FULL TIME if desired. Experienced podiatric physician and surgeon seeking a part time associate to join a well established, busy practice in Orange County. Those who apply need be well-rounded and willing to provide all types of foot and ankle care. Please send your CV and cover letter to ocfootsurgeon@gmail.com 9/23/14

Berkeley, CA. - Established Northern California practice with two locations seeking a personable and well trained associate. We are looking for that unique individual who will complement our established practice, and is interested in showcasing their skills to develop their own practice. There is an opportunity for partnership. Please send CV along with a cover letter to: Associate1237@yahoo.com   5/6/14

Beverly Hills, CA- Established medical group, in Beverly Hills, CA, looking for an experience podiatrist. This position entails making rounds at hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and scheduled office appointments. Must be comfortable with all aspects of podiatric care, have great bedside manner and will be doing no less than the hiring partners. Full-time position with competitive salary. send CV to administrator@footnankledoc.com 9/15/14
Central Valley, California-  Immediate opening for a California licensed podiatrist with experience in private practice. Competitive pay and compensation.  We are a well-established practice with great staff and a large patient base in general podiatry, surgery and wound care. Prefer that you are full-time to dedicate to the growth of the practice, but 2-3 days a week part-time if it is more flexible for the right candidate. Please send your cover letter and CV to footcaredoc@gmail.com. 11/11/14
Chico, CA.-  Chico, CA.-Position for an associate.  A good mixture of office-based, nursing home/retirement home, and surgical care.  Excellent hospital privileges and no HMO's.  Looking for a phase-out with associate taking on the entire practice. foot-ankledoctor@comcast.net 11/28/14

Corona, CA- CMCC is currently seeking a Part Time Podiatrist to work at our Community Clinic in Corona, CA. Please email CV to cmccprovider@aol.com or fax to 951-734-6022 attention Podiatrist position. 9/3/14

Hesperia, California-  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, PART TIME LEADING TO ASSOCIATE Experienced podiatric physician and surgeon seeking a part time associate who resides in Southern California to join a well established, highly regarded practice in the High Desert.  Those who apply need be well-rounded and willing to provide all types of foot and ankle care in an ethical and compassionate manner.  Please send your CV and cover letter to vcrismali@gmail.com  4/8/14

Long Beach, California-  Looking for a hard working, ethical, well trained podiatrist for a part-time leading to full time position for a busy practice in Long Beach, California. Must be comfortable with all aspects of podiatry including wound care, sports medicine and surgery.  Email: dsal826@gmail.com  9/3/14
Los Angeles, CA-  CALIFORNIA- Los Angeles.  Growing, well established podiatry group practice affiliated with UCLA Medical Center looking for a full time associate.  Candidate must be ABPS-qualified or certified, completed three year surgical residency training, CA licensed, personable, motivated, ethical and hard working.  Please send CV to rklee@mednet.ucla.edu 11/7/14

Los Angeles, CA-  Multi-office located in Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley area. This is a full/Part time position. The position is a office based position. Our office will be expanding and we are looking for a compassionate and competent Podiatrist. If interested feel free to contact me. Email: netscape41@yahoo.com 10/25/14

Los Angeles, California- Growing podiatry group seeking full/part time podiatrist in a established and growing practice in Los Ageles area. Great potential and a continuous lucrative career. Please email dntk12@yahoo.com or call 714-697-9939 Dr. Duong. 8/14/14

Los Angeles County, California- Podiatry Associates needed for multi-office practice in Southern California.  We are looking for hard-working, motivated, ethical doctors who are seeking a stable full-time position with great income potential. Email: drotiko@yahoo.com 1/2/14

Los Angeles, CA - Podiatrist with good clinical skills needed for part time work in Los Angeles. Foot Surgery and Biomechanics backround preferred. Email: mtk62a@hotmail.com 2/25/14
Mountain View, California-   Seeking an eager and a professional individual to work in a well-balanced practice in northern california. Starting salary is negotiable with incentives.  Please contact footandankle12@gmail.com 6/9/14
Orange County, CA-  Looking for a full time podiatric surgeon to join our growing practice that currently has four doctors and two offices.  Responsibilities include seeing patients in both offices, hospital rounds and 3-4 surgeries per week at local surgery centers and hospitals.  We have a great office environment and work as a team. Salary based on experience.  Send your CV to jibennett1@msn.com 12/15/14

Orange county, CA-  PODIATRIC SPORTS MEDICINE FELLOWSHIP ORANGE COUNTY CA 7/1/15-6/31/16. Forefoot, Midfoot, Rearfoot, Ankle surgery ~ 500 cases. Biomechanics/Sports Medicine. Benefits: salary, medical, malpractice, CME. APPLICANT MUST BE ABLE TO OBTAIN A CALIFORNIA LICENSE. Pre-requisite: Min. 24-month surgical residency training. Letter of intent, CV, 3 letters of recommendation, a recent photo, and a reference (preferably residency director) to: Philip Radovic, DPM, Fellowship Director, 665 Camino de los Mares Suite 304, San Clemente, Ca. 92673. Ph: 949-493-8020 Fax: 949-488-0868. Email: Info@feetfixer.com updated 10/3/14

Redding, California-  Growing well established practice in Redding California.  Is looking for a full time Podiatrist to join our team. California License is preferred. please send CV to tjsong01@hotmail.com9/23/14

Riverside, CA-  Immediate position available for a full-time or part-time Podiatrist for a Nursing Home practice. We have over 1,500 patients located in 34 facilities in Riverside and San Bernardino. All supplies and podiatry assistant provided. Full-time income of over $10,000 per month. Email:  soccerdoc68@gmail.com 1/14/14

SF Bay Area, CA - Opportunity in SF bay area. Looking for associate to work two office locations on percentage basis.  Fully equipped offices with digital x-ray and EMR.  Looking for associate to work on percentage basis.  Opportunity to buy satellite office location. Email: dlmed4@gmail.com 10/19/14

San Francisco, California - This part time position (with potential for full time) is in a colorful, thriving private practice in the heart of San Francisco. I am looking for a podiatrist  who is board certified or qualified. You should have excellent "bedside manners" and even better "customer service." You should be able to lead the assisting staff efficiently and respectfully. At the same time, you need to able and willing to work well with the other podiatrists and local doctors. Email: drphamdpm@SFfeet.com  8/18/14

San Francisco, California-  We are looking for full time podiatrist associate, with california license to practice. who has a great bedside manner. We prefer someone who speaks bilingual (Chinese, or Russian). please send your resume to jkim1184@gmail.com 9/29/14

San Francisco, CA-  Opportunity to share space with busy Podiatrist across from Mt. Zion Hospital.  For more info please call Robert at 650-520-8544 or email robertosheroff@comcast.net. 1/28/14

Santa Ana, California-  Immediate part-time associate position now available. Appx: 3 1/2 days per week with room to grow. Practice is a good balance of all aspects of podiatric foot care, including surgery. Please forward your information and CV to: ocdoc22@yahoo.com 8/11/14

Woodland Hills, CA-  Very busy and established practice in the West Valley area of Los Angeles is in search for a Podiatrist to fill a part-time position which will lead to a full-time and/or partnership opportunity. Competitive salary and excellent hours are offered. Please email your CV to laurensophia50@yahoo.com  4/17/14

New Haven, CT- Established, highly respected, 26 y/o general podiatric practice is seeking enthusiastic, ethical, energetic podiatrist. Candidate must be comfortable with forefoot surgery and has had at least 2 years of surgical training in an approved program. Candidate will need to rotate through 3 office locations. He/She must be willing to get actively involved in each of these local communities and do whatever it takes to promote themselves. I am looking for associateship leading to partnership. Email: compfootcare@cox.net  7/15/14

Lakeland, Florida-  Associate position available in beautiful central Florida.  40 minutes to Tampa and Orlando, 2 hours from either coast.  Great schools, low traffic.  Excellent hospital and physician support.  Well established practice covering all aspects of podiatry.  Beautiful office and knowledgable staff.  May lead to partnership/ownership.  If interested in being considered, please forward your introductory letter and full CV to the following: DPM Recruiter@aol.com 11/21/1

Miami, FL- Established office looking for a podiatrist who wants to rent an office it included patients and staff. Office locate in 114 Ave. in Miami , FL Email:  Mlmedicalmanagement@gmail  12/8/14

Miami, FL-  Podiatry office is looking for another doctor to work as a part-time position, for a very busy office. For more information please send me a email or send resume at 305-480-2046 ! 11/16/13

Santa Rosa Beach, FL- We are an established practice looking for an energetic and motivated doctor to treat patients in two locations(30minutes apart) on the beaches of beautiful Northwest Florida's Gulf Coast. We offer the options of either a salaried associate with benefits or an independent contractor receiving 50% personal production. Partnership available for the right candidate. Email: wilkersonsherrell@hotmail.com 7/22/14
Tampa, Florida-  Mature, hard working, caring, strongly embrace an "old-style" work ethic Ability to buy in to a thriving established practice.Customer service oriented with a good sense of humor. Detailed and driven but laid back personality. Desire a very unique environment. Willing to market yourself and the practice. Interviews SAM conference, Orlando in January. Email me, resume attached with "I'm the ONE!" in the subject line, tell me why you want to join Advanced Podiatry in Tampa. docmkatz@gmail.com 10/27/14

Atlanta, GA-  Accepting applications for 2015/16 academic year Fellowship in Pediatric and Adult Reconstructive Foot / Ankle Surgery.  Email:  dfell@vpcenters.com  9/10/14

Savannah and region: GA + SC -  Multi practice multi state practice seeing an associate leading to partnership. Located in coastal GA and SC Most surgical cases will be referred to new associate. 10-15 % of practice is surgeries. Potential in future to be an owner of much larger practice. You will have to have GA and SC licenses and travel. One or two nursing homes. Sharing with me. I can have a skype interview with the candidate. Sincerely, Ido Friedman, DPM ABOPPM Email:   habibipol@gmail.com  8/11/14

Savannah, Georgia-  Podiatric Medical Assistant for fast paced, podiatry practice in Savannah, GA. Experience REQUIRED. Great customer service skills a must. Room patients, obtain vitals, patient history and reason for seeking care.  Assist with quality support measures, paperwork and other assigned tasks to meet patients’ needs. Spanish speaking a plus.  Excellent benefit package.  Email resume to Mrs. Youmans at drjadandy@yahoo.com.  Questions: 912-927-8011.  updated 8/18/14

Petersfield, Hampshire- Podiatrist required in our small, friendly practice. 1 day a week, with option to increase hours/days as you become busier. Email: dmt1978@live.co.uk 6/18/14

Chicago, IL-  Kern Podiatric Group (KPG) is seeking qualified podiatrists to fill full and part-time positions.  We provide comprehensive foot and ankle care within our office and facility locations throughout the greater Chicago area.  Because of our diverse patient base, podiatrist's that are bilingual are highly encouraged to apply. We offer a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.  Please send your CV to Michael Kern at Michael_Kern@kernpodiatric.com.  www.kernpodiatric.com  6/11/14

Chicago, Illinois-  Full/Part-time IMMEDIATE opportunity to provide  care  in long-term care throughout Illinois.  Full time position includes health, disability, 401, auto/travel expenses.  Ideal full-time candidate must be willing to travel specified times during the month, or be located in central or downstate IL.  Part-time offers very flexible scheduling.   We have a 30 year history of providing exceptional care and service with appropriate reimbursement.   Please email queries/resumes to  gh@podiatryplus.net 5/5/14

Chicago, IL-  Associate position/Partner- Chicago Illinois Suburb Excellent opportunity for a highly motivated, personable Podiatrist with a 25 yr+ practice.  Part time/ Full Time available.  No nursing homes!  Great opportunity for possible partnership for the right individual.  Email CV to kari.insurance1@gmail.com 1/14/14

Gurnee, Illinois-  Growing practice looking for an Associate for immediate employment. This is a full-time position. Applicants need to be currently licensed in Illinois, completed at least a 2 yr surgical residency, and board qualified/certified. Please email CV along with a cover letter to: rginsberg@myfootmechanic.com  11/24/14

Vila Park, Illinois-   Looking for an Associate for two offices at Villa Park and Des plaines. Will train, Please send your CV .  Email:  oakbrookfoot@yahoo.com 11/24/14

Carmel, Indiana- Seeking a full-time or part-time podiatrist to provide mobile podiatry services. At Home Podiatry is a progressive mobile podiatry practice with a strong focus on diabetic foot care and wound care.  Podiatry services are provided in long term care facilities, assisted and independent living facilities as well as private homes. Low stress environment and flexible schedule.  For more information, please contact us at 317.218.4095. 9/1/14

Schererville, Indiana - Well established, busy practice with a great referral base seeking a personable, organized, self motivated and hard working Associate with great potential to progress to partner. State of the art equipment, EHR and new building. Very dedicated office staff providing for an excellent opportunity for the right physician.  Live and work in a great area. We offer competitive salary with benefits. Please send cover letter, CV and photo via email.  Thank you. Email:  Pjames@cffaac.com 10/25/14
Valparaiso, Indiana -  Looking for a podiatry associate to help with private practice.  Duties include  routine care, sports medicine, wound care and some surgery. Salary 70 k per year, health , and malpractice insurance. Email: Footdoc76@yahoo.com 11/4/14

Lenexa, KS-  Busy and well-established practice with multiple locations throughout Kansas City metro. Highly regarded podiatrist with a great referral base, dedicated office staff, and enjoyable patients. This is a wonderful opportunity for a trustworthy, hard-working physician to utilize his/her skills and knowledge. Surgical residency required; board-qualified or certified. Please send cover letter, CV and photo via email: info@jayhawkfoot.com 9/1/14

Lexington, KY- ARE YOU A ROCK STAR DPM? If not, keep scrolling. Full time associate to join a thriving practice in Lexington, Ky. Work in THE most advanced and beautiful office space alongside progressive DPM's. Focus on the patient first, conservative and surgical care and holistic health. Work with the most technologically advanced equipment, spa services, laser for nails and pain, salary, bonus, benefits the sky is the limit! Must be self-motivated, team player, enthusiastic. Must be a member of AAPPM. Email: elise@lexpodiatry.com  7/22/14


Boston, MA-  Multi Site growing practice in Boston suburbs and Cape looking for full time podiatrist.  Looking to expand and need dynamic, energetic, compassionate doctors.  Send CV to drjaa@verizon.net 2/10/14

Framingham, MA- Part-time position available in Framingham, MA immediately. Busy specialty practice with excellent  patient base. Position may grow to full time with generous benefits. Must be personable with excellent clinical skills. Immediate start date available. Please email CV to adv@hcmtt.com 1/21/14
Abingdon, MD-   I am seeking a well trained, highly motivated individual to begin in July 2015.  Associate position leading to partnership in a rapidly growing, well established practice. EMR, digital imaging/scanning, PADnet, DME, in-office dispensing. Busy hospital practice with excellent rapport with administration and referring doctors. All aspects of podiatry with emphasis on hospital-based wound care/diabetic surgery/limb salvage.  Competitive salary/benefits/401K.  Please e-mail cover letter and CV:  michael@mkblockdpm.com 10/6/14

Michigan- Professional Foot & Ankle Centers of Davison & Lapeer is seeking personable & self-motivated associate(s) looking to build a career & long-term relationship/partnership.  Must have PM&S 36 or equivalent training with a good work ethic & strong surgical skills.  ER call & affiliation with a major wound care center is available.  Modern offices with EMR & a fantastic staff.  Competitive salary, bonus, benefits.  E-mail CV with cover letter to:  contactus@professionalfoot.com 9/29/14

Livonia, MI-  Opportunity to join successful progressive group practice; emphasis on exceptional pt care, education & up to date compliance.  Busy multi-office practice in SE MI:  EMR, digital xray, Full scope.  Talented & friendly staff seeking ethical, hard-working, creative individual wanting to practice with a sense of independence & ability to make meaningful contributions.  Opportunity for partnership &/or employment.  All inquires kept confidential.  Please respond to thebestfootdoctors@gmail.com 10/14/14

Livonia, MI-  Immediate opportunity to take over established patient flow with excellent referral base from doctor moving to another state. Busy multi-office, four physician Practice, three offices Southeast Michigan, EMR, Digital Xray, full scope of practice; opportunity for immediate partnership or employment.  All inquiries kept confidential.  Please respond to footandanklesurgeons@yahoo.com.  4/14/14

Marquette, MI - Marquette, MI. Full/ part time position IMMEDIATELY available. Established, busy foot and ankle practice looking for a hard working, kind, friendly Podiatrist. In office position needed. Must be comfortable with all office aspects of Podiatry including wound care. Candidate must be board certified. Possible travel to out reach clinic(s). No nursing homes required. Salary, medical insurance, stipend for CME. Multiple perks and bonuses available. Send CV to jniemela01@gmail.com 11/7/14

Wyandotte, MI- Looking for associate to join well rounded busy practice in MI. Also associate has the option to take trauma call and be involved in residency teaching/training. Email: mkhalil39@yahoo.com 4/17/14

Kansas City, Missouri  Kansas City, MO - Immediate availability!  We're busy and need another doctor right now.  We are looking for an entrepreneurial-minded associate who wants to grow and then own part of a busy and growing practice. You will be working with doctors who are as committed to your success as we are to our own. Go to: www.YourFutureInPodiatry.com for full details, then email cover letter and requested documents to greenie@KansasCityFootandAnkle.com. 11/9/14

Kansas City  MO-   A podiatrist is needed ASAP at Kansas City office.  The podiatrist must be licensed in both Missouri and Kansas states.  Have own malpractice insurance is preferred.  The DPM must be able to work full time and loves giving care to patients, not just numbers.  The owner will be moving out of state due to health reasons.  Right now, the practice is a non-surgical practice but can add surgical management to it. Email:   kansascitypod@yahoo.com  5/5/14

Kansas city,  MO- A part time practice is currently expanding in the Kansas City metro. The practice consisted of multiple office location (2-3) sites in the metro. The practice is busy enough to become full time associate position. Must be board eligible or certified in podiatric surgery. Need to be professional and ethical. Position will include a mixture of surgical, orthopedics, and podiatric medicine aspects. Nursing homes are also part of the aspects of the position. The position is open to recent grads or seasoned practitioners. Phone: 816-434-5906.

St.Louis, Missouri-  Excellent opportunity for experienced Podiatrist potentially leading to ownership of an outstanding practice situation. Looking for someone who is unhappy in their present affiliation who would like to expand their options in multiple aspects of the profession. Call 314-565-2739 or Email stcpod@att.net 6/18/14

Rochester: MN- Rochester Clinic, a multispecialty private practice, is seeking a BC/BE podiatric physician. The physician will provide all aspects of podiatric practice, including sports medicine, wound care, primary care, and surgery. Rochester is the third largest city in the state, and boasts top-rated public schools. The city offers plenty of activities and is very family friendly. Please send resume or inquiry to Careers@RochesterClinic.com 6/18/14

Meridian, MS-   Looking for an caring excited hardworking Podiatric Physician to join our clinic. We are a new, growing practice with a great staff and lots of loving patients, who are ready to meet YOU! Come check us out and see if you find a new home with Magnolia Foot Clinic. Additional information can be found on our web site magnoliafootclinic.com Email:   drrcrockett@gmail.com  4/28/14

Billings, MT-   Seeking Associate in Billings, MT practice.  This is a full-time, permanent position.  Contract is base + bonus and includes malpractice coverage, health insurance reimbursement, paid licensing fees, paid CME conference fees, cell phone, etc.  Looking to fill position around July 2015.  This is a position that will hopefully result in partnership, so please contact us only if interested in settling in the Mountain West area.  Send CV and letter of interest to ben.richards@mt-podiatry.com.    11/13/14

Raleigh, NC-   Associate / Buy in Partner opportunity. Two office practice in beautiful North Carolina seeking associate / parnter. Buy in or Buy out option also considered.  Growing practice with Hospital based patient base. New associate would be the only Podiatrist using this Hospital facility... amazing potential and opportunity. Email: yourpracticenow@cs.com 2/26/14

Las Vegas, NV-  Associate position available.  Competitive pay, benefits available.  Must have a Nevada state license.  Must be willing to market.  Must be ethical, well-trained, and be willing to market.  Full scale Podiatry practice including foot and ankle surgery, Wound care and limb salvage, Orthotics, nail and callus care, etc.  Email:  lwittenberg1@hotmail.com 12/15/14

Cherry Hill, New Jersey- Group practice with offices in central and southern NJ looking to fill a FT position in a diversified practice leading to a partnership. Hospital privileges available as well. If you are looking for a great future, and not just a temporary position than this practice may be the answer based on our track record and growth potential. Visit our website at Foothealthcenters.com. Email: robertbarbuto@aol.com   5/19/14

Cherry Hill, NJ - Large multi-office and diversified group practice in Southern and Central New Jersey.Associate position leading to long term relationship. Board certified or qualified preferred. Email: halluxvalgus@comcast.net 5/19/14

North Bergen, New Jersey-  Position available for podiatrist part time to work at nursing home, house calls, and office. Very flexible with hours. Send me your resume to doctorfeet@msn.com 6/6/14

West Orange, New Jersey - Well established northern New Jersey Practice seeks surgical trained PSR-36 associate with partnership potential. Competitive salary and benefits. Send resume at Jpina@foothealthctr.com or fax to 973-731-1712 6/13/14

Las Cruces, New Mexico- Seeking we'll trained Podiatrist for busy practice in the Southwest.  Excellent clinical and surgical volume with growing wound practice as well.  PSR-12 minimum needed.  We currently see over 50 patients per day and have a growing second location as well as affiliation with a major wound center. Email: officeofrobertmullan@yahoo.com 10/14/14

Las Cruces/Alamogordo- NM- Orthopaedic/podiatry practice in southern New Mexico looking for 2-3 year trained podiatrist to fill full-time position. Focus on routine care, wound care and forefoot surgery. Willing to travel to satellite clinics 2-3 times/week. Good salary and production incentive bonus available. Fluency in Spanish a plus. Please email your CV to loren6809@gmail.com. 7/21/14

Brooklyn, NY- Part-time associate wanted for busy practice in downtown Brooklyn, NY. All phases of podiatry. Please email CV and contact info. Email: gcohen428@yahoo.com 5/19/14


Dunkirk, New York- Western New York: Busy established practice looking for associate leading to partnership. Email letter of interest and CV to docz901@hotmail.com 6/2/14

Manhattan, New York- Looking for Licensed Podiatrist for Non-surgical full-time position. Practice located in Harlem area. Only palliative care and diabetic foot care services. Eamil: anacastro0106@gmail.com 6/18/14

New York, New York -Part-time position on upper east side. Full time is possibility. Saturdays are required. Email: Fancyfeetpod@gmail.com  12/8/14

New York,  New York- I relocated my NYC practice to 1 Maiden Lane, corner Broadway to a busy location one year ago. I am out of all plans. Many patients referred to me either have no out of network coverage or insufficient cannot pay their deductibles/copays. I contracted an in network DPM 2 days a week to refer to but that contract ended. If you are an in network provider, I have 8-10 patients a day for you to begin a 2 day a week practice.
drsha@lifestylepodiatry.com  212 -343 -3668. 7/15/14

New York, NY- Upscale midtown Manhattan practice seeks associate for part time or full time or part leading to full time podiatrist. Most patients are young and healthy with injuries, aches/pains, runners and biomechanical issues, elective surgery. Little to no Medicare, no Medicaid. Competitive salary and excellent work environment. Group of four young doctors currently.  Email: Cityfootcare@gmail.com 7/6/14

NY, NY- Multi location practice looking for part time/ full time associate to start with growth potential and investment opportunity. Needs to be confident and ambitious to work in all aspects of the podiatric profession. Position available immediately. Please email drlevy@starrettpodiatry.com if you are interested. 7/6/14

New York, NEW YORK -  Associate needed for 2 days a week to start with surgical opportunity. The practice is rapidly growing and full time should be available within a year. Send an email with availability and reference. drlevy@starrettpodiatry.com 1/14/14

New York, Middletown and Pennsylvania, Milford - Successful growing practice. An outstanding opportunity for a motivated, ethical and energetic (PMSR RRA cert) with strong forefoot, rearfoot and ankle training. Very competitive and generous salary/Benefit package. Please email letter of intent, CV and surgical logs to footfracture@yahoo.com. Opening is immediate or for July 2015. updated 6/2/14

Far Rockaway, NY-  Well established, Far Rockaway, NY practice looking for part time leading to full time podiatry associate. Looking for ethical and compassionate podiatrist who has a great bedside manner. NY license and references required. Please send your resume to darlenefort99@gmail.com. 12/12/14

Western Suffolk County, New York- Seeking an Associate with a 3 year residency, which can lead to taking over the practice. This is a well established practice in all phases of Podiatry. Located in Western Suffolk County on the south shore of Long Island, NY. Fax CV to 631-587-1550 or email to ftfxr3@aol.com. 12/6/14

Allentown, PA-   Lehigh Valley Podiatric practice currently seeking full time board qualified, board eligible Podiatric physician for a busy office, providing all aspects of podiatric care. Email: lclauss@affc.com 2/25/14

Doylestown, PA- Great full time opportunity for a surgically trained podiatrist in a 2-office full spectrum practice. Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. You are highly motivated, board qualified and have great communication skills. Opportunity for a buy in / partnership in 2 years. Send cover letter and CV to info@qualityfootcare.com  5/27/14

Perkasie, PA- Associate Position full or part time available in Philadelphia suburbs. Responsibilities will include wound care, clinic and nursing home coverage. Elective and Emergent/wound care surgical training required. Please email cv to Independencepodiatry@gmail.com 6/18/14

Wyomissing, PA-  Busy, established practice, Southeastern PA, seeking associate leading to partnership opportunity. Looking for ethical,self motivated individual with positive attitude, board eligible/ certified candidate to join our team. All aspects of foot and ankle care. Surgical privileges available, including ER and trauma. Send CV to BLLBerkshire@hotmail.com 4/13/14

Charleston, SC-  Associate needed for busy practice in growing area. Competitive salary plus benefits. Applicants need to be compassionate, ethical, hard working, team players, completed at least a 2 yr surgical residency, and board qualified/certified. Please email CV along with a cover letter to: charlestonpodiatry@yahoo.com 12/6/14

Columbia, SC - Podiatrist wanted for well-established busy practice for full-time associate position. We provide everything from palliative care to reconstructive surgery. Competitive compensation.  Assistance with credentialing. Ideal candidate will be board qualified/certified in forefoot and rearfoot surgery and a team player. Send CV and salary requirements to columbiafootclinic@gmail.com. 3/8/14


Spearfish, SD-   Looking for surgically trained podiatrist to do mainly forefoot surgery and some rearfoot surgery.  Must be 3 year residency trained. I am looking for a hardworking, compassionate, ethical doctor.  The practice is located in a small, but beautiful town in South Dakota.  Pay is salary plus commission with partnership after two years or sooner.  Well rounded practice.  We like to have fun at work too, so a sense of humor is needed! Email:   riley@ryloinc.com 3/3/14


Memphis, TN-  Memphis-4 Doctor 3 office successful group practice has immediate opening for a well trained associate. Associate should be trained in all aspects of foot and ankle care/surgery.  We perform routine foot care, biomechanics, wound care, elective foot surgery, limb salvage, and rearfoot/ankle reconstruction.  The candidate should be familiar with hospital inpatient care. Salary with % bonus, CME, vacation, and more.  Please send CV/inquiries to christiansmith@msfas.com. 9/23/14

Dallas Fort Worth area, TX - TEXAS: FULLTIME PODIATRIST, PSR 24-36 Trained Multi-dimensional, Multi-office group treating a wide range of patients to include but not limited to the following: Forefoot, Rearfoot, Diabetic wound care, sports medicine and work related injuries.  In the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. Modern offices and equipment. A great opportunity for driven personable individual.  Please e-mail the following: Cover letter Curriculum vitae Letter of references A recent photo to cnunez1940@gmail.com 8/28/14

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas-  Fast paced busy mobile podiatry group needs podiatrists to join the team. We have full and part time positions available immediately.  All you need is a valid Texas license and we can put you to work right away. Email us your CV and we will answer any questions you may have concerning the jobs available.  The positions are available in the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Email: kech314@aol.com

Laredo, Texas-   In search of Associate Podiatrist for busy practice in the south Texas region.  Podiatrist must be state licensed.  Looking for a motivated individual with excellent clinical skills.  Please email lffcdpm@yahoo.com if interested in more information. 8/1/14

Texarkana, Texas-   Texarkana, TX-   ASSOCIATE POSITION – Established practice in beautiful North Texas is seeking an PSR-24 associate. Modern facility complete with EMR, digital x-ray, PADnet, ultrasound, in-house MRI and hospital privileges. Competitive salary with benefits.  txkfootdoc@hotmail.com 4/28/14
Harrisonburg, Virginia-  Orthopaedic Group in the Shenandoah Valley of VA seeking rear foot surgically trained podiatrist for FT associate position.  Accredited surgical suite on-site; surgical and wound care privileges at 1 local hospital.  BC or BE required.  Base salary + bonus + benefits.  Podiatrist will acquire established busy practice from current podiatrist who is relocating.  If interested or for more information, please email CV to Lindsay McHone, Practice Administrator at lindsayathoc@ntelos.net. 8/23/14
Suffolk, Virginia - Group practice seeking personable well trained podiatrist.  ABPS Qualified/Certified.  Must be motivated with excellent clinical, charting and surgical skills – comfortable with all aspects of podiatry including limb salvage and flatfoot reconstruction.  Practice has all modern conveniences and experienced support staff.  Send email of intent (subject: New Associate) with CV: 1footassociate@gmail.com 1/2/14
Puyallup/Renton, Washington-  Integrative Foot and Ankle Centers of WA is looking for an associate with strong surgical training. Personal and energetic a must. The physician will provide all aspects of podiatric practice, including sports medicine, wound care, and foot and ankle surgery. Competitive compensation package. To apply, please email, letter of intent and CV to seattlefootdoctor@yahoo.com 3/8/14


Central, WY-  Available immediately: Associate position leading to buy out of a well-established practice in beautiful Central Wyoming.  Expect to leave within the year. Great opportunity for a new graduate or a doctor looking to relocate to a the Rocky Mountain area. Contact us at footsurgeon4@gmail.com with CV and letter of interest.  5/5/14