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Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com 
The following practices need doctors immediately under the Independent Doctor program. Earn above-average income and equity ownership. Entrepreneur doctors/companies can earn on-going residual income by investing in some of these practices.

ASSOCIATE/INDEPENDENT DOCTORS NEEDED IMMEDIATELY FOR ALL STATES,  BUT ESPECIALLY CA, CT, ME, MI, MN, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OR, PA, SD, TX, & VT. Become part of the nationwide Associate/Independent Doctor's System (IDS) in many office-based practices and/or nursing homes/home visit programs. Benefits include: higher than average income, practice-related expenses paid including malpractice, travel, etc. We have a system in place allowing doctors and billing personnel to review the billing information, helping to prevent billing code issues. Don't take any nursing home/home visit jobs without contacting us first. Call 610-518-7411. #33.002PE1115

CA San Francisco Bay Area. Seller wants to sell his $350K per year practice and then wind down over 2 to 4 years using Medical Mavin’s Independent Doctor’s System wind down method. This means the seller holds the financing note that is paid monthly. This wind down method has many significant features to discuss. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #705.002PE1115

CT Southern. Doctor wants an Independent Doctor / Associate to work full time earning above-average income and a method to have part and full ownership of the practice. Practice services all types of modalities and on all plans that you will be put on by joining the practice. Call 610-518-7411 for more details. #6499.002PE1115

MI Southeastern. No Job can top this transaction! This One Million Dollar gross revenue practice is a great opportunity. The owners are willing to work with buyer from one to four years under the Independent Doctor's System wind-down method with Sellers' financing or a group partnership. Practice is 40% Medicare, 15% Medicaid & 25% Blue Cross. Buyer could easily increase the gross revenue by adding treatment modalities not currently offered. Call 610-518-7411. #5529.002PE1115

MN Southern. Practice averages a gross of $120K; Seller's choice to work part time. Buyer will pay less for a low-volume practice and can expand the practice and double the revenue, earning $80K to $100K per year. New listing, call 610-518-7411 for details. #6496.001PE1115

OH Want to practice anywhere in Ohio? Medical Mavin has many opportunities that we should discuss TODAY. Call 610-518-7411. Ask for Bob or Jack. #7.055PE1115

OH Northeastern. Ideal transaction for podiatrist who wants to work in podiatry practice as an Independent Doctor/Associate. When desired, doctor has opportunity to purchase practice with Seller financing under Independent Doctor's System. Practice services SX 40%, C&C 60%, Sports Med 5%, Ped 5%, Diabetic 70% and Wound Care 10%; high volume on DME items. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #6786.002PE1115

OH Southeastern. Practice doing $270K. Seller financing using Medical Mavin's Independent Doctor's System. Call 610-518-7411 for full details and learn how you can be in this practice within 1 to 3 months, depending upon your status. #6818.002PE1115

PA Philadelphia Suburbs. Help build a network of offices in the Philadelphia suburbs. Doctor needed immediately to operate two offices, grossing $325K. Potential earnings of $110K. Offices now using heart-monitored circulator boot system for diabetic/wound care patients. Any doctors, having one or more offices, who are interested in discussing the office network idea, please call 610-518-7411 for details. #134.001PE1115

PA NE Philly office needs an Associate/Independent Doctor immediately. Earn above average income along with equity ownership of up to 49% with no capital required. Call 610-518-7411 ASAP to learn more about this exciting opportunity. #312.003PE1115

PA Radnor Area. Office and nursing home practice grossing $400K needs an Associate/Independent Doctor to operate the practice full time in conjunction with owner doctor. Many advantages relating to the Independent Doctor agreement with Independent Doctor earning free partial ownership of the total practice. Call 610-518-7411 for full details. Send your CV to mm@medicalmavin.com ASAP. #312.005PE1115

US NATIONWIDE: Associates, Independent Doctors and/or Buyers Needed Immediately. Receive top pay with practice-related expenses paid and on-going major support to start operating an office-based practice, and/or help build a network of nursing homes and be first to be considered for any offices that would become available where you want to live. Earn additional residual on-going income. Many more benefits available. Some areas paying up to $2K as signing bonus. Please call 610-518-7411 to discuss and learn how the Independent Doctor's System will fit your needs, free of charge. #312.014PE1115

Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com



Love Your Grandmother?

Podiatry Plus is a 30+ year growing group practice that focuses on providing necessary foot care with proven results to nursing home residents throughout Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Missouri. Our team members are committed to ethically providing great medicine, and great service. No diabetic shoe nor vascular study self referrals: no upcoding; no bs procedures! We work hard and play hard. If you are ambitious, honest, and hard working, you can make a difference and will be appreciated and rewarded for your efforts. Consider becoming part of the Podiatry Plus team.
Call 773 775 0300 and ask for Neal, or email NealN@PodiatryPlus.net  or see our website www.podiatryplus.net/employment


LA & LA County - We are looking for a professional, hard working, ethical, energetic individual, who is confident in their skills. Part-time to full-time work for Licensed Podiatrist, a mix of house calls and routine Private practice office work. New Grads welcomed requires three letters of recommendation. Please send resume and references to socalpodiatrypc@gmail.com  SoCal Podiatry P.C.


Central Ohio NP Services ( A division of SowHealth) -Growing practice of 5 physicians and 8 nurse practitioners specializing in home visits and long-term care is in urgent need of a podiatrist. Podiatrist will care for 12-15 patients per day and will set his or her own schedule with flexible hours. A medical assistant will be available to drive and assist podiatrist during rounds. Patients will be located in Columbus and surroundings in a single building or zip code, requiring minimum driving. Excellent pay up to &140 per hour. Call: (614) 205-9982 or Email: anta.mcknightcnp@yahoo.com  11/24/15


Franklin, MA-
Busy multi-site practice in Massachusetts looking for both part time and full time podiatrists to join our group. Must be skilled and compassionate. Competitive compensation package. Please send CV to Drjaa@verizon.net


The following ads are in order by state:

Little Rock, ARKANSAS- We are looking for a professional, hardworking individual, who is confident in their skills & training. Our practice is well-rounded w/general podiatry, forefoot & rear foot reconstructive surgery. Immediate opening in Little Rock, AR. We have a healthy patient volume, seeing 35-40 patients a day in clinic and 4-5 surgical cases a week. There is lot of room for growth. We are offering a competitive salary. Interested candidates with PMSR/RRA credentials email cv to nwashburn@faclr.com 6/19/15

Goodyear, AZ- We are looking for a professional, hard working, ethical, energetic individual, who is confident in their skills & training. Our practice is well-rounded w/general podiatry, forefoot & rearfoot reconstructive surgery w/trauma. Salary is negotiable, (base salary + bonus). The position is available immediately; candidates must have an active Arizona license or be scheduled to sit for the June Arizona state license exam. Preference given to 3 year trained physicians, but all are welcome to apply. Email: azpodiatrist@gmail.com 4/27/15

Phoenix, Arizona- Well-established, thriving Phoenix metropolitan area multi-office, multi-physician practice looking for ethical, personable,well-trained associate, leading to partnership/buyout. High-tech environment utilizing EMR, digital x-rays,, etc.. Must have current Az license or in progress; References a must. Reply to: AZfootdocsearch@gmail.com 8/16/15

Phoenix, AZ- We are looking for a hard working, professional, ethical, energetic individual, who is confident in their skills & training. Our practice offers above-average income and a method to have independence with your practice. The position is available immediately; candidates must have an active Arizona license or be scheduled to sit for the June Arizona state license exam. Preference given to 2 ear trained physicians, but all are welcome to apply.  Email: DLEE7126@gmail.com 8/3/15

Phoenix, AZ- We are looking for a podiatrist to join our thriving practice in the heart of downtown phoenix. Excellent compensation, no weekends,no holidays! Get lots of experience with pathology. Email us for details: mariepauldpm@gmail.com 7/8/15

Yuma, AZ- Seeking associate for busy well-rounded podiatric surgical practice. Practice currently specializes in forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle surgery, wound care, and trauma. Excellent opportunity for motivated, personable, ethical individual. Email: jackie@drkravitz.net 7/28/15

Camarillo, California- Camarillo, California - associate, immediate opening, buyout opportunity. Well-rounded practice, beautiful community. Great opportunity for board qualified/certified, energetic, motivated practitioner. CV/inquiries  podcam2460@aol.com 5/13/15 e address corrected

Corona, California- We are offering a paid position for a Preceptor to start immediately in our Corona and Anaheim Hills offices. Our last 2 preceptors have successfully been matched in Residency programs after working for us. Please contact us at jeffreykdpm@sbcglobal.net  if you are interested in more information. 6/19/15

Hawthorne, CA- Part time position in busy south bay office. Spanish speaking a must. Email: drkw@cox.net 9/13/15

Irvine, CA- Full-time associate position with a busy group practice. We are looking a highly motivated and experienced Podiatric physician and surgeon. Very competitive compensation. Please forward CV and all inquiries to info@cafai.com4/4/15

Long Beach, CA- Long Beach, CA- Podiatrist for Long Beach office. P/T Monday 9-1. Pay $100 per hour or more based on productivity. General podiatry. Must speak basic medical Spanish. Possible additional hours. Please send CV with letter of interest. Email: feet42@hotmail.com 5/4/15

LA & LA County - We are looking for a professional, hard working, ethical, energetic individual, who is confident in their skills. Part-time to full-time work for Licensed Podiatrist, New Grads welcomed requires three letters of recommendation. Please send resume and references to socalpodiatrypc@gmail.com  - (SoCal Podiatry P.C.] 11/20/15

Los Angeles, California- Our office is looking for a P/T Podiatrist to cover our office on Wednesday and Saturday. The office is located in Los Angeles downtown. Being able to speak Spanish or Chinese is a plus. Please email us with any questions to netscape41@yahoo.com 11/16/15

Los Angeles, CA- Full time position in private practice located in Los Angeles area. All aspects of podiatry, including surgery, orthopedics, diabetic foot care and general foot care. Looking for eventual practice buy in/partnership. Competitive Salary and benefits. Email cover letter and CV to: dpmclinic@yahoo.com 8/16/15

Los Angeles, California - Personable Podiatrist wanted for routine care in skilled nursing facilities. Competitive pay for 2 days per week. Car required for traveling to local facilities. Please email interest. Good position for those seeking a flexible job. Email: snffootcare@yahoo.com  4/27/15

Los Angeles, California- Looking for a podiatrist to start in a well established podiatry office. Must be comfortable with everything podiatry has to offer. Duties include office patient care, wound care center, hospital/surgery center surgeries and some assisted living and nursing home care. Please submit resume and LOI to the email provided.  Email: loramanda79@yahoo.com 4/10/15

Los Angeles, CA- Looking for a CA licensed podiatrist to help out 1 day/week for a practice in Inglewood, CA. Mostly routine foot and wound care. Please, email with CV for details. Email: footdoc2324@yahoo.com  4/8/15

OC/IE, California- Part time position for podiatrist to help with home visits and house calls as well as office patients. If interested please contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you. Email: Chinuk_lee@yahoo.com 5/13/15

Rancho Mirage, CA- Well established practice in Riverside County seeking competent, surgically trained, and personable Podiatrist for a part time position in a multi-office location. Looking to grow into a full time position. Please email CV. Email: footpod9@gmail.com  8/27/15

Reseda, CA- Podiatrist wanted for busy clinic in Reseda. Join a group of 2 other doctors. The ideal candidate should be easy-going, and friendly. Practice consists of CC, bio-mechanics, digital x-rays, vascular ultrasound, diabetic footcare. Very little surgery. This is a part-time position; 1-2 half days a week, or 1 full day. Good position for those seeking a flexible job. Email CV to: drotiko@yahoo.com  8/23/15

Sacramento, CA- Podiatrist needed for well-rounded practices in Sacramento areas. Email: bpham7@aol.com 8/3/15

San Francisco, CA- We are seeking a part time associate, immediate opening, buyout opportunity. You should have excellent communication skills and bedside manners. Chinese or Russian speaking is a plus. The practice can expand and excellent for energetic provider. Email: mcbucb@hotmail.com  10/17/15

San Francisco, CA- We are a modern and innovative podiatry practice in Union Square, San Francisco. We are looking for a part-time associate who is board certified or qualified. You should have excellent communication skills and "bedside manners." You should be able to lead the assisting staff efficiently and respectfully. Email: info@elevatefoot.com 5/11/15

San Francisco, CA-  Seeking part time podiatrist to work with. This is a more of a partnership offer rather than an associate. prefer someone who has an experience at least one year. Last year partner grossed over 150.000$. please email me thanks. jkim1184@gmail.com   4/27/15

Sunnyvale, CA- Seeking Part time podiatrist in silicon valley, We are seeking a podiatrist who are surgically skilled and clinically has a good bed side manner. We will train for the right person, newly graduate welcome. You will be traveling between 2 offices in Oakland and Sunnyvale. Part time hopefully leading to full time if competent and able to handle full time schedule. Email: jkim1184@gmail.com  10/25/15


Torrance, California- Part time podiatrist wanted for busy two office practice. May lead to full time if desired. Will also consider sharing space to someone looking for a satellite office. Beautiful fully equipped offices in affluent areas not far from the beach. Contact Dr. Darragh  Email: pedarragh@hotmail.com  6/22/15

Sharon, CT- Immediate part-time leading to full time position. All aspects of Podiatry in a growing practice located in Hudson Valley NY and Sharon CT. NY and CT license required. Send CV to PodassociateNY@gmail.com  8/3/15

Jacksonville, Florida- Terrific opportunity for experienced physician, for associate position in well established very busy practice in Northeast Florida. SURGICAL residency required. Email: vmanuellcsw@yahoo.com  7/13/15

Miami, FL- Very busy Miami, Florida practice seeking full time Podiatrist. SPANISH SPEAKING A MUST Willing to wait for 2016 graduating resident. Email resume to miamifoot@aol.com 11/18/15

Sarasota, FL- Busy practice seeking full time associate. Practice consists of conservative. Email: sstewartdpm@gmail.com  11/2/15

Tampa, FL- Podiatrist seeking Florida-licensed podiatrist to provide service in some quality nursing homes in the Tampa Bay area. Excellent part-time opportunity for reliable and caring practitioner. Please forward CV to DocFoot44@outlook.com5/25/15

Hayden, Idaho- Seeking full time associate ASAP to start in my practice in beautiful Hayden/Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area. ID license obtainable in less than a month, will help w/ credentialing, Competitive 1st year salary.  Must be ethical and honest. Low cost of living and great quality of life, good schools, nice people. All aspects of med and surg. Office is modern with digital X-ray, EMR, 3+ exam rooms. Buyout option available as well. Call Joel at 509-879-9029, or e-mail jdan74@gmail.com. 5/13/15

Chicago, Illinois- Immediate Podiatry Associate Positions Available in our Chicago based Practice. We have served the area since 1988 with a primary focus on providing comprehensive foot care to the elderly. Qualified applicants would be joining a high volume practice with an opportunity to become a leading wound specialist in Illinois. Competitive Salary, Malpractice Insurance, & Comprehensive Benefits Package. For additional details about this excellent professional opportunity, contact our office today. Email: admin@kernpodiatric.com 6/28/15

Gurnee, Illinois- Gurnee, Illinois- Growing practice looking for an Associate for immediate employment. This is a full/part-time position. Applicants need to be currently licensed in Illinois, and completed at least a 2yr surgical residency. Board qualified/certified preferred. Please email CV along with a cover letter to: rginsberg@myfootmechanic.com 5/4/15

Medinah, IL- Part time podiatrist wanted for established office one day a week. Email: Medinahspine@att.net 9/15/15

Valparaiso, Indiana- Looking for a full time podiatrist to help at my office. Working 4 to 5 days a week doing routine foot care, diabetic shoes, orthotics, nail procedures some sports medicine, X-rays and injuries. Candidate does not need to be surgically trained, ideally have an active Indiana license and have credentials with insurances and Medicare. Email: Footdoc76@yahoo.com   updated 11/16/15

Portland, Maine- 3 Doctor, 3 Office private practice based in Portland, Maine. Main office located in Medical Office Building on hospital campus. All phases of Foot & Ankle care from routine to RRA. Have official hospital affiliation. We are in need of a well-trained Podiatrist who must be willing to practice all phases of foot and ankle care, including Assisted Living facilities, Hospital Consultations and routine care. We offer a generous percentage based salary with potential for partnership if desired. Email: ping2525@aol.com  6/8/15

Worcester, Massachusetts- Looking for a podiatrist to cover a busy podiatric practice during maternity leave for 8-12 weeks starting in early November 2015. The position would be flexible and it could be full time or part time. Office is modern and located within Saint Vincent Hospital. Please email sgrondin@pfacenter.com  if interested. 7/19/15

ANNAPOLIS, Maryland-  Associate Position--Annapolis, Maryland Excellent opportunity in very busy practice. Individual must have practice experience or fellowship experience. Applicant should be highly motivated, independent and personable. Competitive compensation. Interest in future partnership possibility would be preferred. Extremely desirable area to live in. Respond to: Marylandfeet@gmail.com 5/13/15

Frederick, MD- Associate position available in Beautiful Western Maryland. Less than an hour from Baltimore and Washington DC., as well as skiing, boating, fishing and hiking. Seeking motivated individual for position leading to partnership and eventual buyout/ownership. Excellent opportunity for the business minded practitioner. Email: drhenrock@yahoo.com  6/8/15

Muskegon, MI- Associates needed for established podiatry practice in lower West Michigan. Emphasis currently is on Diabetic foot management and wound care. PSR24 preferred but candidate must be interested in wound care. Surgery is present but could be developed by the candidate. Level II trauma center across the street. Starting date July 2016. Full benefits. Email: susan_holibaugh@comcast.net 6/19/15

Las Vegas, NV-  Associate Podiatrist. MUST HAVE CURRENT PODIATRY LICENSE IN NV! Competitive salary. Benefits negotiable. Surgical and Conservative Podiatry practice with immediate opportunity for the appropriate individual. Potential for partnership or buy out in the future. Fax resume to 702-362-2622. 7/28/15

Belvidere, New Jersey-  We are looking for a part or full-time Associate with a passion for learning, growing, and treating patients from start to finish. The ideal candidate should have both surgical and non-surgical experience, be willing to work hard, and always put patients first. Benefits include a full compensation package with salary, insurance, a private office, and more. If you start every day with a passion to help others and a positive attitude, this job’s for you!  Email: dramanndaglynn@gmail.com  7/19/15

Englewood, New Jersey- Part time opportunity for a well trained podiatrist with surgical residency. Need someone with great bedside manner and experience with coding and billing. Great opportunity for the right candidate .. 25 year old practice with great long term opportunity. Email: Ladyfootdoctor@aol.com  4/27/15

Glassboro, NJ- Full time associate position available in Southern NJ beginning July 2015. This is a busy practice with full scope surgery, office hours, inpatient hospital, wound care center and multiple facilites. Ability to work with residents if desired. If you are ready to work, I need you! Salary plus bonus. Email: drjpel@aol.com 5/18/15

Secaucus, NJ- Podiatrist needed to work in a private office on Saturdays in Bergen/Hudson County. Also to work at Nursing facility and home visits. Must be polite and have proper bedside manners. Can contact me and/or attach resume to: ALPHA86@aol.com 7/13/15

Union City, New Jersey- We are seeking an associate for an immediate part-time position( 2 days per week) in a busy office in northern New Jersey. There is potential for this to lead to a full-time position. Spanish-speaking is a plus but it is not mandatory. Send CV to margaretportela@yahoo.com 11/18/15

Dunkirk, New York- Looking for associate interested in partnership in long established solo practice in Western New York. Busy, full scope practice with 2 offices, nearby hospital privileges. If interested, E-mail contact is docz901@hotmail.com11/30/15

Islip, NY- Suffolk County NY, Part time position with ability for growth. Send CV to JDSUEMC@YAHOO.COM 9/9/15

Lower Hudson Valley, NY- Immediate opening for full time associate 45 minutes north of NYC. Multi-DPM practice. Office/Hospitals/Wound Centers. Excellent opportunity, competitive salary. Contact Footdoc16@optonline.net 6/15/15

Manhattan, New York- Need an associate/independent doctor immediately to work in a fast growing practice in Manhattan. Three offices in total that are fully operational with state-of-the-art equipment covering Mid & Lower Manhattan. Hourly/Uncapped earnings. Email gothamhire@gmail.com. 9/29/15 updatwed

Nanuet, NY- Opening for a full time associate in the Lower Hudson Valley. Westchester, Rockland and Orange County region .Multi Dr practice with an immediate patient base. All phases of Podiatry including wound care. Great opportunity for long term career path. Send CV to: jglstaff@gmail.com  6/19/15

New York, NY- Highly ethical and motivated practitioner sought. Experienced, assertive, podiatric surgeon wanted. All aspects of forefoot, rearfoot, and ankle surgery. Board qualified or certified. Please send C.V. to newyorkfootexperts@gmail.com 11/18/15

New York, NY- We are a large and rapidly expanding group practice with offices in Long Island, Bronx and Manhattan seeking a hard working, self motivated Physician with a strong surgical background. Large potential surgical volume and ER call in an ethical practice setting. Potential buy-in options including partnership. Requirements: Self motivated, hard working individual with formal surgical residency training. Ability to travel. Active malpractice coverage. Ability to submit recent CME involvement. Email: tristatepod@gmail.com 11/5/15

Queens,  New York-  This is for a full-time associate position. The practice has two locations, Queens and Manhattan. Requires Saturdays. Must be on the medicaid HMOs. Compensation will be base with incentive. Email: fancyfeetpod@gmail.com 9/1/15

Staten Island, NY- Practice in Staten Island is seeking a high qualified and ethical podiatrist who is skilled in conservative and surgical care. Seeking 3yr graduate, licensed in the state of NY. Please send CV before consideration of an interview. Please feel free to request more information.  Email: feetlabs@gmail.com 10/17/15

Allentown, PA- PODIATRIC DERMATOLOGY FELLOWSHIP The CPME approved fellowship is a 1 year position designed to provide the fellow extensive training in podiatric dermatology. Rotations are provided in Wound Care, Plastic Surgery, Dermatopathology and Charcot. Qualifications: DPM degree; 2 year post graduate training, license to practice podiatric medicine in PA Contact: Maggie.Keefer@sluhn.org with CV and application.http://residency.slhn.org/Residency-Programs/Podiatry/Application. 10/17/15

Havertown, PA- We are looking for a PA licensed surgical podiatrist that has ABFAS qualified/certified status to join our busy practice immediately. Up for offer is a position where a fully credentialed surgical podiatrist can jump right in and start performing surgery. We do all aspects of care from simple nail surgeries to complex ankle surgeries. We are willing to pay a high percentage of net collections and the potential is unlimited!  Email: footdocy@yahoo.com 5/13/15

Dallas, TX- Texas: Full time associate needed for a dynamic practice located in (Dallas Fort Worth) DFW area. Successful candidate will be well trained, motivated and personable. Completion of a surgical residency is required. Practice experience is a bonus. We offer a competitive salary with bonus structure. Please email your cover letter, curriculum vitae, letter of references and picture to DFWfootpractice@hotmail.com 8/3/15

Kingwood, Texas- Position open for possible associate in the future. We have 4 hospitals, 2 trauma and one of those is a Podiatric Surgical Residency training facility with a Wound Care Center. Looking for someone with a 3 year residency with strong trauma and wound care training. Position to start July 2016. Position is for a motivated worker with integrity. Email: FCAT1444@gmail.com  9/29/15

Tumwater, WA- Full time Podiatrist wanted for extremely busy Podiatric practice with multi-locations in Western Washington. We want a doctor that is passionate about healing patients and keeping them well.Foot and RRA certification is a plus. If you are looking for a place to work where your contribution really matters and is rewarded, email us your resume at hessdpm@comcast.net  Compensation for all doctors is based on individual production. 7/13/15

Weston, WI- Associate position with opportunity for partnership at a busy, growing, well-established podiatry practice in favorable Northcentral Wisconsin. Very competitive salary and benefits, 401k matching, profit sharing. Surgical center.  Email: tgleason@familyfoot.org 10/3/15


Positions Outside the US

Calgary, Alberta- Alberta/Canada- Calgary –Seeking new / experienced full-time podiatrist to take over associate position in busy, well established (20 years), surgical and non-surgical practice. New office space with in-office operating room. Send CV and cover letter to: afsc@associatefootspecialists.com  5/5/15