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Seller and Buyer financing methods have been developed by Medical Mavin (MM) to speed up the lending process (even with bad credit) and protect all parties from financial losses. If you are selling or buying a practice, or thinking of becoming an Associate, call MM first to learn how our many financial and business opportunities work. The following ads are a partial list of practices for sale, under our standard sales transaction. All practices are thoroughly reviewed and evaluated. Our financing is properly structured and proven by cash flow analyses to support the practice’s financial needs, including the proper working capital. We customize financial packages to match individual needs for all types of loans.
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CA Northwest. Practice just listed. Practice doing a good mix of treatment, grossing in the area of $300K. Ideal practice to purchase and increase revenue. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #197.001PE1217

CA San Francisco Bay Area. Practice grossing $325K doing sx 10% (skin sx 80%, other sx 20%), c&c 20%, sports 10%, ped 5%, and orth. 15%. Medicare 15%, Medicaid 0%, and Blue Cross 20%. This practice has the ability to have a gross collected revenue of $450K. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #705.001PE1217

CA North Central. Practice in a perfect area grossing $300K, averaging 300 patients per month doing sx 0%, c&c 20%, sports 10%, orth. 25%, Diabetic care 20%, wound care 10% and laser 12%. Cash 24%, Medicare 26% and Blue Cross 13%. New listing. Call 610-518-7411 for full details. #1218.002PE1217

CA East of Los Angeles. Ideally located. Practice grossing $1M. This very above-average practice doing sx 20%, c&c 20%, ped 10%, orth. 35%, pt 5%, Diabetic care 25% & wound care 10%. This practice treats a higher than average type patient. Call 610-518-7411 for full details on types of surgery practice does & why this practice is very successful. #1344.001PE1217

CA San Francisco Area. Practice grossing $175K. Has one nursing home and home visits valued at $40K per year. Income from cash 35%, Blue Cross 10%, third party 40%. Reasonably priced and above average practice revenue could be doubled to $300K. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for more information. #6715.001PE1217

CA Southern. Practice grossing $375K seeing 270 patient visits per month doing sx 30%, c&c 40%, Diabetic 50% & wound care 20%. Cash 10%, Medicare 10%, HMO 35% & third party 45%. Well-established practice. Contact Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 today for more information. #6806.001PE1217

CA Northern. Practice collected revenue of $540K doing sx 10%, c&c 40%, orth. 25%, Diabetic care 20% & wound care 15%. Medicare 40%, BlueCross 30% and third-party 25%. This is an above-average practice priced to sell and be financed. New listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #6995.001PE1217

CA North of San Francisco. Practice grossing $475K doing sx 30%, c&c 40%, orth. 20%, Diabetic care 20% and wound care 10%. Part owner of a surgical center. A perfect practice and location for a well-trained Podiatrist. New Listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #7007.001PE1217

CA South of San Francisco. Practice grossing $625K doing sx 10%, c&c 40%, sports 40%, ped 30%, orth. 30%, Diabetic care 10% and wound care 10%. Cash 15%, Medicare 15% and Blue Cross 15%. This is an above-average practice and ideal for a new Podiatrist. New Listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #7103.001PE1217

CD Southwestern British Columbia. Part time Canadian practice for sale grossing $150K per year in 1,200 sq. ft. high-end medical building located in the city. Buyer must be surgically-oriented. Established in 1975. Orthotics lab founded in 1976 grossing $1 million annually may be offered for sale as well. Bob at 610-518-7411 for more details. #6793.001PE1217

FL Western Central. Tampa area practice grossing $150K. This practice has great potential to grow & double its revenue volume within 12 months. For details, call 610-518-7411. #3786.001PE1217

FL North Central. Practice grossing $1.3M needing a Podiatrist ASAP to purchase the practice via SBMB's Independent Doctor's System. The Buyer will work full time with the Seller winding down, working part time. Buyer could earn $860K after purchase loan payment in the first year and thereafter. Call 800-886-5949 for full details. Mention SBMB. #7055.001PE1217

GA North Central. Practice grossing $225K doing sx 10%, c&c 50%, sports 5%, ped 5% and orth. 75%. Medicare 25%, cash 25%, Medicaid 4%, BlueCross 14% and third-party 32%. Skin sx 20% and other sx 80%. A well-run practice by an intelligent doctor. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #6984.001PE1217

HI Practice grossing $250K doing sx 20%, c&c 30%, sports 10%, orth. 10%, Diabetic care 50% and woundcare 20%. Medicare 30%, Medicaid 20%, Blue Cross 40% and third-party 10%. Office in very good condition, ready to sell. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for full details. #7018.001PE1217

IL Southwest of Chicago. Practice grossing $1.1M is way above average, providing all types of services. Heavy on Diabetic and wound care. No nursing homes. New Listing. Call 610-518-7411 to discuss this practice and list you as a priority Buyer for this outstanding opportunity. #853.003PE1217

IL Northeast. Practice grossing $250K seeing 200 patient visits per month. DPM office newly located in a professional medical building. New listing. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for more information. #2316.001PE1217

LA New Orleans Area. Practice grossing $500K doing all types of service. New Listing. Still gathering vital practice information. Call 610-518-7411 so you can be listed as priority Buyer. #1095.002PE1217

LA Southeastern. Practice grossing $600K doing sx 45%, c&c 6%, sport 15%, ped 10%, orth. 25%, pt 15%, Diabetic care 40% & wound care 40%. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #6967.001PE1217

LA Two Podiatry Practices. Located near New Orleans and surrounding area. Just apart from each other to draw from two patient populations. Both practices are above average, and their combined gross revenue is over one million dollars. Call 610-518-7411 for more details. #6967.002PE1217

MA Northeast. Practice grossing $335K seeing an average of 400 patients per month, doing sx 10%, c&c 50%, sports 10%, orth. 10%, pt 5%, Diabetic care 10% and wound care 5%. Practice has potential to easily increase revenue by 50%. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for full details. #3087.001PE1217

MD Central-Eastern. Assisted living & home visit practice doing $150K can be purchased with Seller financing. Perfect addition to any active doctor’s practice. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #4295.001PE1217

MD South Central. Practice near D.C. grossing $278K. Total all-around general podiatry with two nursing homes. Seller retiring. Call 610-518-7411 for more details. #6742.001PE1217

ME Central. Ideal practice, grossing $225K. Apt. above office, rent out or live in. Loan available for practice and real estate if Buyer chooses to purchase. Add surgical procedures to practice and increase gross revenue even more. Great opportunity. Call 610-518-7411 for more details. #675.001PE1217

MI East Central. Practice grossing $500K seeing 500 patients per month doing sx 20%, c&c 40%, sports 5%, wound care 10%. Cash 5%, Medicare 35%, Medicaid 15% and Blue Cross 20%. Medical Mavin can help Buyer obtain financing to purchase the practice. New listing. Call 610-518-7411 for more information. #2563.005PE1217

MI Central. Practice grossing $160K seeing 200 patient visits per month doing sx 5%, c&c 80%, sports 3%, ped 2%, orth. 10%, Diabetic 20% and wound care 20%. Medicare 55%, Medicaid 5%, Blue Cross 30%, cash 5% & third party 5%. Practice could produce double the current gross revenue. Doctor retiring. New listing. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for details. #4379.001PE1217

MI Southeastern. Practice grossing $575K. Buyer could easily increase revenue by adding treatment modalities not currently offered. Practice revenue from Medicare 40%, Medicaid 15% & Blue Cross 25%. Real estate available in the sale with rental income that can pay for most of the loan expense. Call 610-518-7411 for more details on this above average transaction. #5529.001PE1217

MN Southern. Practice for sale with Seller financing using the Independent Doctor's System. See MN ad# 6496.001 in the Independent Doctor Opportunities / Positions Available section. Call Medical Mavin, Ltd. at 610-518-7411 for more information. #6496.002PE1217

MO Practice grossing $360K, operating with new EMR system, seeing 340 patients and working 4 days per week. Very good location servicing sx 5%, c&c 20%, orth. 25%, Diabetic care 25%, Medicare 40% and Blue Cross 27%. Average doctor's earning after purchase debt is $115K with many owner benefits. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #1013.002PE1217

MO East Central. Practice grossing $550K doing sx 10%, c&c 50% & wound care 5%. Medicare 49%, Medicaid 5% & Blue Cross 5%. Practice has other favorable options. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for details. #7080.001PE1217

NJ Central Eastern. Practice grossing $200K doing sx 0%, c&c 50%, sports 50%, ped 30%, orth. 20%, pt 25%, Diabetic care 60% and wound care 25%. Medicare 45%, Medicaid 12%, Blue Cross 37% and third party 6%. Practice in ideal location; ready to grow. Has potential to do 2x to 4x more. New Listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #5632.001PE1217

NJ Northeastern. Practice grossing $625K. This practice has two offices which is a good opportunity to start developing a group practice being in an above-average area in NJ. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for more details. #5813.001PE1217

NJ Northeastern. Practice grossing $345K doing sx 10%, c&c 40%, sports 20%, ped 5%, orth. 25%, pt 20%, Diabetic care 10% and wound care 70%. Shoes average 10 pair per month. Includes one nursing home averaging $5K per year. Medicare 60%, Medicaid 10%, Blue Cross 25%. This is a well-run practice with very dedicated patients. New Listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #7104.001PE1217

NM Central. Practice grossing $158K, part time by doctor’s choice, averaging 150 patient visits per month doing no sx, c&c 90%, sports 5% & orth. 5%. Add surgical procedures and other modalities to increase gross revenue. Call 610-518-7411 for more information. #6841.001PE1217

NY Western Long Island. Practice's gross revenue is $150K doing sx 5%, c&c 30%, sports 40%, & misc. other treatments 25%. Presently part-time. Cash 10%, Medicare 30%, Blue Cross 60%. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #168.001PE1217

NY Central Eastern. Practice grossing $200K with 200 patient visits per month. Surgery 20%, c&c 40% & wound care 10%; 30 pr shoes & 20 orthotics per month. This above-average practice with completely remodeled office is ready to be sold. Call 610-518-7411. #356.001PE1217

OH Central Eastern. Practice gross collected revenue of $475K with an average of 380 patient visits per month doing sx 10%, c&c 40%, ped 10% & orth. 50% with PT 10%, Diabetic care 30% & wound care 10%. Heavy on shoes, DME & orthotics. Easy credentialing. Call 610-518-7411 for full details. #1330.002PE1217

OH Columbus Suburb. Part time practice grossing $300K doing Sx 15%, C&C 20%, Sports 5%, Ped 5%, Orth. 20%, PT 10%, Diabetic care 20% & Wound Care 10%. Cash 32%, Medicare 17%, Medicaid 3%, Blue Cross 8% & third party 40%. 40 new patients per month and 300 patient visits per month. Ideal practice to purchase. New listing. Call Medical Mavin, Ltd. at 610-518-7411. #7017.001PE1217

OR Northwestern. Practice grossing $275K doing sx 4%, c&c 48%, sports 2%, ped 1%, orth. 5%, Diabetic 30% and wound care 10%. Seller is retiring after 38+ years and wants a good doctor to take over this very stable practice with room for increased revenue. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #6469.001PE1217

PA Northwest. Practice grossing $280K. Services on the low side doing sx 2%, c&c 52%, sports 0%, ped 10%, Diabetic care 20% and wound care 26%. Medicare 44%, Medicaid 0%, Blue Cross 18% and third-party 34%. Ideal practice to purchase and then double the volume within one to two years. New listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #3116.001PE1217

PA Northwest of Philadelphia. Ideal location to own a practice. This practice grosses $280K doing sx 10%, c&c 35%, sports 10%, ped 5%, orth. 15% & Diabetic care 25%. Seller willing to hold loan on practice purchase. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 ASAP for total information on this ideal practice purchase. #4601.001PE1217

PA Western Central. Practice grossing $400K; population draw is 200K. Sx 5%, c&c 50%, sports 5%, ped 5%, orth. 20%, Diabetic care 30%, & wound care 5%. Practice revenue increasing. Call 610-518-7411 for more details. #6968.001PE1217

SD Western. Practice grossing $325K, averaging 260 patient visits per month doing sx 20%, c&c 30%, sports 10% & orth. 30%. Cash 10%, Medicare 23%, Medicaid 3%, Blue Cross 32% & third party 32%. This is an ideal practice for anyone living, or desiring to live in South Dakota. Call 610-518-7411 for more information. #848.001PE1217

TN Southeast. Practice grossing $1.5M doing above-average types of patient treatments. Be the first one on the list to buy this practice. Call Medical Mavin, Ltd. at 610-518-7411 to discuss. Ask for Bob. #5153.001PE1217

TX South Central. Two-office practice grossing $370K, operated on the conservative side and could easily increase revenue. Three nursing homes, Medicare 50%, Medicaid 8%, Blue Cross 12%, HMO 9%, PPO 12%. Very light on sx. Besides this practice’s growth potential, Texas is one of the better states to practice. Call 610-518-7411 for full details. #281.001PE1217

TX Southern. Practice collected revenue of $160K doing sx 5%, c&c 90%, orth. 5%, Diabetic care 30% & wound care 10%. Cash 10%, Medicare 40%, Medicaid 10%, Blue Cross 10% and third-party 30%. This practice has above-average ability to double its revenue for a totally trained DPM. New listing. Call 610-518-7411 for more information on this practice. #1879.001PE1217

TX Southern. Practice grossing $470K averaging 450 patient visits per month doing sx 10%, c&c 40%, ped. 5%, orth. 10%, Diabetic care 25% & wound care 10%. Practice operated above average both in treating patients and business operations. New Listing. Call 610-518-7411 ASAP and learn about additional opportunities in this area. #4654.001PE1217

US PRACTICE OWNERS / SELLERS: Want true value for the sale of your practice? Medical Mavin has many ways and years of experience to satisfy your desires, whether you want to sell now, have a wind-down sale over several years or become an entrepreneur doctor and earn continual residual income. You have worked hard to make your practice successful and we will work hard to help you make the best possible plans to suit your needs. Call us today at 610-518-7411. #312.009PE1217

VA Southeastern. Practice grossing $350K seeing 150 to 200 patient visits per month, doing sx 10%, c&c 60%, sports 20%, ped 10%, Diabetic care 80% and wound care 30%. Services nursing homes for many years, averaging $40K per year. This above average practice is priced for easy purchase and could be built up to increase the volume even more. Call 610-518-7411 for more details. #6927.001PE1217

WA Western. Practice collected revenue of $420K doing sx 12%, c&c 57%, sports 15%, orth. 16%, Diabetic care 24% & wound care 2%. Cash 24%, Medicare 25%, Medicaid 0%, BlueCross 50% and third-party 1%. This is an established, above-average practice with stable revenue stream. New listing. Call 610-518-7411 for details. #7082.001PE1217

WV Southwest. Practice grossing $1.5 million doing sx 8%, c&c 25%, sports 10%, ped 8%, orth. 49%, Diabetic care 20%. Provider percentages are cash 8%, Medicare 20%, Medicaid 15%, Blue Cross 15%, others 42%. Large office in above-average location. This is an ideal practice to own. New listing. Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 for info #7079.001PE1217

Call Medical Mavin at 610-518-7411 or visit our web site at: www.MedicalMavin.com


AZ,  Phoenix Suburbs - Extremely busy solo practice, Dr. retiring, willing to stay on during transition. Large patient base, close to hospitals and surgical centers, privileges available. EHR, digital x-ray, and excellent staff. Email azpodiatry2@gmail.com. 10/4/17

Bay Area, CA- Newly upgraded podiatric practice with two locations. 40+ year history. Located in medical complex buildings, ideal for two or more practitioners. Owners to relocate to another state. 408-465-9567 1/29/18

Los Alamitos, California- California in Orange County. Well established and highly reputable 38 year solo practice grossing about 200K on a part time basis. Great location in a profession building, 1500 sqf, on ground floor. Approx. Medicare 40%, PPO30%, HMO30%. Retiring, will stay for the transition as long as needed. Call or text 949-290-9393 vivkung@hotmail.com  3/13/18

REDDING, CALIFORNIA- Retiring. The practice comes with a ready patient base in an area of unlimited potential. Awesome locale with lakes, mountains and rivers in every direction. I'm selling the building and the practice but will also consider renting or renting with option to buy. Contact: reddingpodiatry@sbcglobal.net  1/21/18

New Canaan , Connecticut-  Connecticut New Canaan Practice for sale will be retiring great opportunity only Podiatrist in town over 20,000 only one hour from NYC Increase wound care, surgery and sports medicine 203 966 9906 edenkin@aol.com  updated 12/8/17   updated 12/1/1

Palm Coast, FL- Established NE Florida High growth potential by expanding hours. Includes EMR, digital X-ray, 3 Rx rooms, OR, P.T. room, radiofrequency device, and shoe/orthotic room. Surgical privileges for board eligible candidates. Part time gross $330,000. New residents welcome. Good opportunity for 2 people buy out-Send resume to OppPod8082@aol.com  11/20/17

The Villages, FL- Retiring. New Bldg.4 tx rooms, EHR, digital X-ray. Nearby hospitals and surgery Centers. NO Medicaid. Grossing 300+ on three half days. Potential to double gross. Possible owner financing with down payment. Board certified or qualified a must. bonefixer66@yahoo.com 2/5/18

Venice FL- Established practice for sale with real estate in Venice Fl. Busy practice with room for growth. Grossing 300,000, with no advertising, no DME, very low-key practice. High growth area, great quality of life, great schools for children. Access to busy wound care program. Email: l.s.giannone@gmail.com  3/23/18

Chicago, Illinois- Logan Square area practice for sale. 3 treatment rooms, lab, x-ray, Traknet software, several high volume nursing homes, office has been in existence since 1950. Has a good steady flow of current and new patients. Asking 60k. Email: gsisenstadt@comcast.net 10/10/17

Houma, LA 70364- Sale of free standing medical building (17,500 sq.ft.) buyer retains practice phone number to assure consistent patient flow, equipment, furnishings, and remaining supplies. Asking: $340,000 owner financing available and negotiable. Price based on appraised real estate value of building. Contact: admin@familyfoot.net 1/18/18

Boston, MA- Part-time Podiatry practice for sale in Boston. Well established and well known in the surrounding community. Perfect opportunity to expand or keep as an adjunct part-time practice. Please reply with serious inquiries only, via email: beginanew777@gmail.com 2/28/18

Ocean Springs, MS- 21 year CASH practice for sale on the beautiful Gulf Coast. All equipped with established patients. Need to retire. Asking $42,000 - will do monthly payments for one year Rent Free! Please email: lgcalhoun4@peoplepc.com  or call/text Linda (228)697-3926 2/6/18

Carson City, Nevada- Carson City, Nevada- Part time practice in Lake Tahoe area grossing $160K, net over $100K for the past 18 years. Main office and several satellite clinics. Price includes equipment, EHR, very affordable lease, and great employee! Wonderful location and no State income tax. Priced to sell at only $29,000. lehmann.dpm@gmail.com  2/28/18

East Brunswick, NJ- Selling 35 year old part time practice in central NJ with 3 treatment rooms. Consistently grossing $260-$280K. Have secure long term lease which is transferable. Great growth potential. Serious inquiries only Call or text 732-672-5133 or email ejema@aol.com 3/23/18

Fort Lee, NJ- Well established 20 year old practice for sale, well equipped with everything. 2 treatment rooms, X-ray fully digital. There is a good mix of routine care, sports medicine and pediatrics. For more information email hudsonfoot@aol.com 12/28/17

New Egypt, New Jersey- NJ Western Ocean County. 2.5 day a week practice grossing $150K. Seeking sale or merger. Excellent location, beautiful office and low, low overhead. Minimal surgery (by choice) 50% general and DM care, 20% orthotics, 30% wound and peds. Asking 1 year net. Email: drvinced@gmail.com 10/24/17

Northern NJ, NJ- Well established practice in suburban Northern NJ available for immediate sale due to health reasons. Gross 900k+ last 10 years. No c&c, Large sports med and surgery based practice, peds & orthotics. 50/50 in-network and OON, <10% Medicare. 6 tx rooms, billing office, conference room and 2 consultation rooms. Email gandasdad@gmail.com 1/25/17

New Jersey, Toms River- New Jersey, Jersey Shore. Busy conservative care practice offered with gross collected revenue near 500K. This undervalued practice has large diabetic and senior base. Excellent location bringing in walk in patients every week. Priced to sell, looking for a smooth and quick transition. Call or text 732-859-4736.

Astoria, NY- PRACTICE FOR SALE- ASTORIA, NYC This successful modern Astoria, Queens practice is fully equipped with digital xray and autoclave. Opportunity to enter practice with established patient base of adults and children, including sports medicine and surgery. Email: astoriapodiatry@gmail.com 3/4/18

Brooklyn, NY- Brooklyn, NY. Turn key. Busy location. Top equipment, digital x-ray autoclave fully furnished. Great low lease 2k/mo, 2 full years left with option to extend at purchase or later. 3 treatment rooms with separate X-ray room, ground level, private parking and ramp for wheelchair. Current patients EMR (PF). Email: myfootsurgery@gmail.com. No brokers! 11/29/17

Monroe, New York- ORANGE COUNTY NY 2 days/wk. Immediate sale due to health reasons.Easily expanded to full time. All phases of podiatry. 3 treatment rooms. 2 high volume nursing homes plus 1 assisted living facility. Send inquiries to docrac65@gmail.com 3/8/18

Orchard park, New York -Busy practice for sale in upscale suburb. Including equipment, podiatrist willing to stay on through transition. Associate position also considered. Contact jadevincentis@gmail.com. 11/14/17

Fairview Park, Ohio- Busy 2 location practice offered for immediate sale. Gross revenue past 3 years averages $475-500K, multiple current hospital affiliations and weekly wound care center. High surgical and new patient volumes, mix of primary care, forefoot and rearfoot pathology. Updated equipment, xray, high traffic areas with close proximity to hospitals. Email: Gradypodiatry@gmail.com 10/12/17

Olympia, WA - WA State: Podiatry practice and office for sale. In Olympia, 60 miles S of Seattle. Low cost of living, while still close to amenities. Office fully equipped, inc digital x-ray. Grossing $500,000 per year on 20 hrs/wk. Plenty of room for growth. Owner retiring at end of 2018 after 40 years of practice. Email ssfaolympia@gmail.com. 12/27/17