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Seeking position in: New Jersey, California
Name: Aakruti Bhalja
City: Iselin
State: NJ
Email: abhalja@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2014
I recently graduated as Chief resident at the DVA-NJ Health Care System PMSR/RRA program and am seeking a FT associate position. I am highly motivated, compassionate, ethical and personable. I have extensive training in forefoot and rearfoot reconstructive surgery, wound care and general podiatric medicine. BE and active NJ and CA licenses. Please contact me for my CV and further qualifications at abhalja@gmail.com.  I would love to work with you as soon as possible!
Posted 8/15/17

Seeking position in: PA, DE, MD
Name: M. Michaels
City: Wilmington
State: DE
Email: PracticeDPM@gmail.com
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2004
Board-Certified podiatrist looking for a practice to transition/purchase. Will forward CV with request.
Posted 8/11/17

Seeking position in: Southeast Wisconsin
Name: D. Riddle
City: Haerford
State: WI
Email: sjhdustin.riddle@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Scholl
Date Graduated: 2015
I am a Third year resident from a PMSR/RRA program in Chicago, graduating in June 2018. Unique background with additional degrees in Chiropractic and Health care administration. Extremely adept in patient management, care, and retention. Well versed surgically in all aspects, including X-Fix, pedicle-based muscle flaps, reconstruction and microscopic nerve repair. CV and reference available.
Posted 8/7/17

Seeking position in: Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Tennessee
Name: Cortlandt Davis
City: Douglasville
State: Georgia
Email: coyogi29@temple.edu
Podiatry College: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2011
Hello! My name is Cortlandt Davis and I'm a board qualified podiatrist seeking a position in a new practice or the opportunity to purchase/manage my own practice. I completed a 3 year podiatric surgery residency with emphasis on trauma and reconstruction .I believe I possess unique surgical skills, excellent clinical skills, awesome marketing know how, all wrapped up in a cheerful, self motivating personality. I believe I would be a great asset to anyone's bottom line!
Posted 8/3/17

Seeking position in: Milwaukee, WI and Surrounding areas
Name: T Gray
Email: dr.theresagray@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Kent State College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2015
Third year resident from PMSR/RRA program, graduating in June 2018. Seeking ANY opportunities in Milwaukee, WI . Open to joining podiatry practices, multi-specialty groups, hospital based organizations, wound care clinic etc. Well rounded residency training in all aspects of podiatry. Experience with high volume wound care clinic and advanced treatment including HBOT. Skilled in surgical management of wounds and limb salvage, Foot trauma, elective foot cases. CV, references available.
Posted 8/3/17

Seeking position in: SD, ND, NE, CO, MN, WY, KS
Name: A. Finzen
City: Chicago
State: IL
Email: adam.finzen@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Scholl College
Date Graduated: 2015
Chief resident of extremely busy Chicago program. Personable, professional, dedicated, and driven. Well versed in all aspects of practice. Proficient in all types of surgery, from all forefoot to pedicle-based muscle flaps and microscopic peripheral nerve repair. Excellent rearfoot training in both trauma and elective reconstruction. From rural plains state and strong desire to return to rural Midwest. CV and references upon request.
Posted 8/1/17

Seeking positon in: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts
Name: Usman Akram DPM
City: Bronx
State: New York
Email: utakram@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 06/2012
I will make a valuable addition to your organization. Residency experience includes weekly total of 24 wound-care, ortho and podiatry clinics; surgical case log exceeding 550; taking 250 ortho and podiatry surgery call and inpatient management.
I excel at: Treating clinic patients efficiently Managing trauma and infection cases Reconstructive surgery of foot, ankle, including ex fix application and ankle arthroscopy Wound care Research. CV available upon request.
Posted 7/26/17

Seeking position in: NYC - Tri-State Area
Name: John D Schwerdt
State: NY
Email: schwerdtbook@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2010
PMSR-trained, BC ABFAS/ABPM NYC native with faculty experience looking to relocate back to the area to be closer to family. Ferocious self-starter with the productivity reports and references to back it up. Looking for FT position in modern practice conducive to RRA certification (EHR, digital XR, full staff, etc.). CV available on request.
Posted 7/26/17

Seeking position in: New Orleans Area
Name: Brian Pekarek
City: Metairie
State: LA
Email: brianpekarek@bellsouth.net
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 2003
Looking for part time position. Hardworking and understands billing and coding. Very experienced with DME billing and regulations. 13 years of experience in multiple group and podiatry group practice setting.
Posted 7/22/17

Seeking position in: Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
Name: Nisha Shah
City: Columbus
State: Ohio
Email: nisha613@gmail.com
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2015
I am currently Co-Chief resident at Grant Medical Center. Well-rounded training in both forefoot and rearfoot surgery including ankle arthroscopy, diabetic limb salvage, external fixation, and trauma. I have a broad interest in joining private practice, multi-specialty, orthopedic, and/or hospital groups. I am highly motivated and dedicated to providing excellent patient care. I will be taking the ABFAS examination in Spring of 2018. CV and references available upon request.
Posted 7/21/17

Seeking position in: CA, D.C., MD, GA
Name: Ebonie Vincent
City: Williamstown
State: New Jersey
Email: eboniev86@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Des Moines University
Date Graduated: 2015
Determined and career oriented with developed organizational skills, and a committed interest in education, wellness and life long learning. I am up-to-date on new technologies and products and possess strong surgical, verbal and written communication skills. I have an intangible ability to assist and connect with patients. As I complete my residency in June of 2018, I am looking to make a significant contribution while continuing my personal development in the field of Podiatry.

Posted 7/7/17

Seeking position in: Open
Name: Zachary Cavins
City: Winter Park
State: Florida
Email: zachary.cavins@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 5/2015
Disciplined and scientifically knowledgeable team player, with the ability to manage multiple responsibilities. The capacity to think ahead and to analyze while being organized and detail orientated. Very passionate about quality of work and thorough with the ability to use strong communication skills to convey results and conclusions. As of May 2017 - I have participated in over 800 Case and assisted in over 1500 Procedures
Posted 5/22/17

Seeking position in: West Virginia, Virginia
Name: Dale S. Herman
City: Martinsburg
State: WV
Email: dsh3321@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 197Y
Seeking part time position. Board certified ABPAS, interest in wound care. Will travel as needed.
Posted 4/20/17

Seeking position in: FL
Name: Terry
Email: joshuahuddy@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: SCPM
Date Graduated: 1983
Seeking a position leading to purchase or partnership. Prefer the east coast, between Port St. Lucie and Amelia Island, but will consider any coastal area. Years of office and hospital/surgical experience, however, wish to focus on in office care only. Can queue surgeries and help with post op care. Would consider wound care center work. No ALF nor house calls. Active FL license; CV upon request.
Posted 4/16/17

Seeking position in: South Shore, South East Coast, Metro Boston/Worcester
Name: David Kaufmann
City: Plymouth
State: Ma
Email: Dkauf00001@aol.com
Podiatry College: ICPM
Date Graduated: 1976
Recently retired DPM available for 12-16hr s per week. Well versed in all aspects of podiatry.
Willing to travel. Thanks for your attention
Posted 4/5/17

Seeking position in: CA, NJ, FL, TX
Name: Pooya Lashkari
City: Bayonne
State: NJ
Email: pooya388@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2014
I am a Chief resident at a PMSR/RRA program graduating in June 2017. I am seeking a solo, group, or multispecialty practice in clinical and surgical based settings. I have well-rounded training in all aspects of podiatry with emphasis on forefoot and rearfoot reconstructive surgery, wound care, and general podiatry. I am highly motivated, compassionate, ethical and personable. I will have completed ABFAS (FF/RF) and ABPM qualification exams this spring. References can be provided upon request.

Seeking position in: Philadelphia, PA
Name: Gerald Mauriello Jr.
City: Buffalo
State: NY
Email: trailheadtotoe@gmail.com 
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2004
I and a well-trained,PM&S 36, board-certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon. With my experience in academic medicine, as an associate in an orthopedic group for 5 years, and is an administrator, I believe my unique skill set would be an asset to the right group. I am either interested in associate position leading to partnership or to purchase a strong private practice. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Excellent references can be forwarded at your request.
Posted 3/21/17

Seeking position in: GA, TX, FL, LA, Cali, Mass (Boston), CT, Seattle
Name: RB
State: Georgia
Email: rbdoc9@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated:
Currently in practice in Georgia. Graduated residency 6/2016, 3 year surgical residency (PMSR/RRA). Licensed in TX, GA, NY. Looking for full-time position in ethical, well-run, financially stable, adequately staffed single-specialty or multi-specialty practice leading to partnership or ownership or hospital staff position. Open to non-surgical or academic positions as well. Interests: non-surgical treatments, dermatology, wound care, diabetic foot care. fore foot surgery.
Posted 3/17/17

Seeking position in: Los Angeles
Name: Benjamin T.
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Email: footankledoctorLA@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple
Date Graduated: 2012
Driven and team-oriented Podiatrist with a broad range of experience in delivering high quality care in Podiatric Medicine & Surgery. Available to work some weekends and take call. Proven ability to market myself and my online brand. Seeking to join a group practice leading to a partnership role, IPA group, or to serve as staff with a Hospital. Thanks for reading!
Posted 3/15/17

Seeking position in: MI, FL, AZ, CA
Name: Chad Schwalb
City: West Bloomfield
State: MI
Email: tud46847@temple.edu
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2015
Currently a 2nd year resident at The Detroit Medical Center. Training is strong in all aspects of podiatric surgery including trauma, rearfoot/ankle recon, forefoot surgery and diabetic limb salvage. Personable and ready to work. Broad interest in joining private practice, orthopedic, multi-specialty, and/or hospital groups. CV and references available upon request. Will take ABFAS examination March 2018.
Posted 3/2/17

Seeking position in: Southern California area
Name: Dr. Ken Howayeck
City: Long Beach
State: CA
Email: dr.kenh@rocketmail.com
 Podiatry College: CCPM
Date Graduated: 83
Retired Bd. Certified Podiatrist seeks position as a NON-licensed podiatrist. Purposely allowed my licensure to expire. Didn't want to be a clinician anymore. Still don't. Would support the workings of another, however. Currently work as a book author, lecturer, and health educator.
Posted 2/22/17

Seeking Position in: NY, NJ willing to relocate to other states
Name: LR
City: Brooklyn
State: New York
Email: regisl0206@gmail.com
Podiatry College: SCPM
Date Graduated: 2013
Chief Resident. Complete Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency July 2016. Highly motivated, well trained, hardworking, ethical, well rounded, and bilingual. Seeking a full time position as an associate in private practice, orthopedic, multi-specialty, hospital groups. Well trained in private practice, hospital care, house calls, routine care, elective surgery, limb salvage, wound care, and trauma. Willing to relocate. Please feel free to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.
Posted 2/20/17

Seeking position in: Pittsburgh Area
Name: Michael Stas
City: Coraopolis
State: Pennsylvania
Email: mstas@kent.edu
Podiatry College: KSUCPM
 Date Graduated: 2013
 I am a PMSR/RRA trained Podiatrist currently doing a CPME fellowship in Podiatric Dermatology at St Luke's University Health Network in Allentown, PA. I am a hardworking goal driven individual seeking a full time position around the Pittsburgh area.
Posted 2/8/17

Seeking position in: NJ, NY
Name: Dina Ibrahim
State: NJ
Email: Dinaa0601@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2014
Meticulous, excellent at juggling multiple tasks and working under pressure. Highly motivated with solid experience and training in a Level II Trauma Center as well as Diabetic Limb Salvage and Wound Care. Experience in Hospital Admission under Podiatry service and communicating with other sub-specialty to manage co-morbidities. Highly experienced in plastic surgery techniques including split thickness skin grafting.
Posted 1/19/17

Seeking position in: GA, SC
Name: Ido Friedman
City: Savannah
State: GA
Email: habibipol@gmail.com
Podiatry College: PCPM-TUSPM
Date Graduated: 1996
16 years in private practice. Completed PPMR (1 year) and PSR 12 and 1 year preceptorship. ABPM board certified.
Posted 1/11/17

Seeking position in: AZ or CA
Name: Melissa
City: Phoenix
State: AZ
Email: melissa.chrisman@mihs.org
Podiatry College: Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2014
Looking for entry level position upon graduation in June 2017. Hardworking, ethical, and well rounded podiatrist. Desire to be associate at small practice/group with potential to become partner in the future. Well trained in private practice, hospital call, elective surgery, limb salvage, wound care, trauma, and burn.
Posted 11/28/16

Seeking position in: PA, NJ, DE
Name: Urwah Haq
City: Cherry Hill
State: New Jersey
Email: pod.haq@gmail.com
Podiatr yCollege: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2014
Current third year resident at Kennedy University Hospital (PMSR/RRA). Highly motivated and well trained in all facets of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. I am seeking full time position in private practice, orthopedic, multi-specialty, and hospital groups. CV and references available upon request.
Posted 11/21/16

Seeking position in: NJ, NY, CT, FL,GA,PA,RI,DE,MI,VA,OH,VT,CA,TX,K
Name: M. Agunbiade
City: Elizabeth
State: NJ
Email: magunbiadedpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2013
Co-Chief Resident. Will complete PMSR/RRA IN June 2017 from TRMC in Elizabeth NJ. I have experience and passion in diabetic limb salvage, wound care, and sports medicine. AFBAS/ABPM in spring 2017. Open to practice anywhere in the country as an associate partner, within and multi-specialty group or hospital based practice. Letters of recommendation and CV available upon request.
Posted 11/15/16

Seeking position in: Northern California
Name: Nancy Kim
City: San Jose
State: California
Email: NancyKimDPM@gmail.com
Podiatry College: New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2014
I will be finishing up my residency at VA Palo Alto in June 2017, which is a PMSR/RRA residency program. My interests are in wound care, foot and ankle surgery, and biomechanics. Looking to join a private practice, orthopedic, multi-specialty, and hospital groups. If you want a hard working, ethical, and personable associate please contact me for my CV or additional information.
Posted 11/9/16

Seeking position in: FL, OH
Name: Mike Casteel
City: Kent
State: OH
Email: mikecasteeldpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: KSUCPM
Date Graduated: 05/2015
Second year PMSR/RRA trained resident, looking for a position in Northeast OH or Central Florida. Graduating in June, 2018. Residency program boasts a heavy procedure load, extensive experience with inpatient management, wound care and primary care. I have a special interest in dermatology and wound care. CV available upon request. Thank you for your consideration!
Posted 10/10/16

Seeking position in: Florida
Name: M. Emery
City: Pawtucket
State: RI
Email: michellesemery@gmail.com
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2014
Third year resident at Memorial Hospital of RI graduating June 2017. Extensive training in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle as well as forefoot surgery. Looking for a full time position preferably in the Tampa Bay Area at a private practice, multi-specialty or orthopedic group. Ethical, compassionate and self motivated. Licensed in FL. CV/References available upon request.
Posted 9/6/16

Seeking position in: FL, VA, MD, ATL, TX, NY, CT, PA, NC, SC
Name: ND
State: NY
Email: nddpm2017@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2011
Looking for full time position in one of the above states for 2017. I am willing to relocate for the right opportunity. I am board qualified by ABFAS foot surgery and ABPM. I have 2 years experience in office, surgery, nursing homes and wound care center.
Posted 8/29/16

Seeking position in: Colorado
Name: JRJ
City: Richmond
State: VA
Email: jjohnsonfootdr@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: Scholl
Date Graduated: 2013
I am currently a 3rd year chief resident at the Richmond VAMC. Seeking full time employment beginning in September 2017 at a hospital, practice or within a medical group. Excellent training in wound care and I have had the privilege to follow and manage all of my surgical patients. Also interested in administration and skilled nursing facility care. Thorough and responsible with great bedside manner. Willing to travel to off-site locations. CV and professional references available upon request.
Posted 8/22/16

Seeking position in: OR, CA, WA, TX
Name: Peter Pham
City: Houston
State: TX
Email: peter.duypham@gmail.com
Podiatry College: CSPM
Date Graduated: 2014
Available July 2017. Currently a third year resident at one of the oldest, well respected programs in the nation, West Houston Medical center (PMSR/RRA). Seeking full time position. I am extremely motivated, personable, and easy going. CV/references upon request.
Posted 8/9/16

Seeking position in: Northeast/MidAtlantic/open to other areas
Name: Robert Peck
City: NYC
Email: rpeck@nycpm.edu
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2014
PGY-3 at NYCPM-PMSR/RRA graduating 6/2017. Taking ABFAS & ABPM 2017.
-Hardworking, diligent, ethical, surgically well trained and personable. Compassionate and caring with old time values. Well trained in clinical/post op/follow up/diabetes/wound care/derm/ortho.
-Never married, no children. Willing to be married to my work, future, aspirations and dreams
-CV/references available upon request
Posted 8/9/16

Seeking position in: Michigan
Name: Lisa Burson
City: Detroit
State: MI
Email: bursonl18@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: May 2014
Highly motivated chief resident graduating from versatile PMSR/RRA program in June 2017 with extensive training in forefoot and rearfoot reconstructive surgery, wound care, and clinical podiatry. Will complete AFBAS/ABPM exams in Spring 2017. Looking to join a balanced practice. CV is available upon request.
Posted 8/8/16

Seeking position in: CO, WA, OR, UT, MT, ID, WY, CA, ME, NH, VT, MA, CT, PA
Name: Christopher Karter
City: Providence
State: Rhode Island
Email: ckarterdpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Kent State
Date Graduated: 05/15
I am currently a 2nd year resident at Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island. Our program has has a large emphasis on surgical exposure, particularly in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle, however I am confident in all aspects of foot and ankle care. I am seeking potential available positions for my tentative graduation date in June of 2018. I am mainly looking in the western and northeast states however I am open to other possibilities. My CV is available upon request.
Posted 8/1/16