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Seeking position in: Cleveland, OH
Name: Hannah K.
City: Cleveland
State: OH
Email: hannah.sungurlu@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Rosalind Franklin University
Date Graduated: 2017

I am currently a third year podiatric resident at Beaumont Health Hospital in Wayne, MI and serving as chief resident. I have had extensive training in forefoot and rearfoot surgery. I have clinical experience in sports related injuries and wound care. I am extremely enthusiastic about starting my career as a podiatrist and would love the opportunity to discuss any possible openings available in the Cleveland area. I would be happy to send my CV or any other information needed.
Posted 4/15/20

Seeking position in:  Vancouver, BC; Southern California
Name: Valentine Omoregbee
Email: edugie85@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple University
Date Graduated: 2011

Hello my fellow colleagues. I am looking for an associate position in the great state of Texas. I have 5 years of full time experience. I am a graduate of a three year surgical program. My greatest attribute is my billing efficiently and generating income for my Clinc. Year to date I have generated 1.3 million for my practice. I look forward to corresponding with you.
Posted 4/12/20

Seeking position in: Northeast Ohio/Northwest PA
Name: Ahmad Al-Turk, DPM, MS
City: Meadville
State: PA
Email: turk2709@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Kent State University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: May 2015

I'm completing my current contract in August 2020. At my current job, I started a private practice from the ground up for a multi-specialty group, which earned 250k in its first year. Moderately high surgical volume, ranging from elective to traumatic ankle injuries and reached 25+ patients per day 8 months into starting the practice, up until this pandemic. Open to work in private practice, multi-specialty group, or hospital settings, preferably with high surgical volume.
Posted 4/12/20

Seeking position in: Florida
Name: Jana B
Email: jana.balas4@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple
Date Graduated: 2014

Podiatrist looking for associate position in Florida. I have a current FL license. Have 2 years of experience in group and private practice. Have previously worked with residents. I am a team player and eager to join and contribute to a practice and community. Please email floridadpm1@gmail.com
Posted 4/5/20

Seeking positon in: Chicagoland are and surrounding area
Name: John Sakla
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Email: johnsakla3@gmail.com
PodiatryCollege: Rosalind Franklin University
Date Graduated: 2017

I am currently a third year podiatric physician resident at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical center in Chicago, IL. I have extensive training in all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery including limb salvage, trauma, elective foot and ankle surgery, and wound care. I graduate in June of 2020 and I am eager to start practicing as an attending physician.
Posted 3/5/20

Seeking position in: Central and Southeastern Ohio, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, PA
Name: James Pipes, DPM
City: Columbus
State: OH
Email: james.pipes@osumc.edu
Podiatry College: KSUCPM
Date Graduated: 207

I am a current 3rd year resident seeking a position in Central and Southeastern Ohio, West Virginia, and Pittsburgh, PA areas. I am seeking a position with a group or hospital. I have a vast interest in wound care and am certified in Wound Care and Hyperbarics by Healogics and plan to obtain my CWS certification. Thank you, in advance for your interest.
Posted 11/22/19

Seeking position in: CA, OR, WA and Mid-Atlantic region
Name: Riddhi Shah
State: Pennsylvania
Email: shahriddhi91@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Western University of Health Sciences
Date Graduated: 2017

I am the current Chief Resident at UPMC Pinnacle in Harrisburg, PA and will be graduating in June 2020. I am seeking a diverse, full time position to start in July 2020. I am self-motivated, reliable, and energetic seeking a career in inpatient/outpatient setting that includes elective surgeries, wound care, and trauma. I am willing to relocate. CV upon request.
Posted 11/7/19

Seeking position in: Utah
Name: W Joseph Barrett, DPM, FACFAS
City: Pleasant Grove
State: UT
Email: drjosephbarrett@hotmail.com
Podiatry College: CCPM
Date Graduated: 1979

Quasi Retired from greater Seattle area searching for a part time position in Utah. Flexible about location. Excited to work in a W2 position up to 3.5 days/wk on % of gross receipts. Non-Hospital surgical. Emphasis on general podiatry and sports medicine preferred. Available for Locum Tenens coverage for ill docs or those on vacation/sabbatical. References available. 253-495-7010
Posted 10/14/19

Seeking position in: Southern California, Greater Los Angeles, Orange county area
Name: Caitlyn Lee
State: California
Eamil: WuCaitlynL@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Western University of Health Sciences
Date Graduated: 2017

I am a chief resident at Emory Decatur Hospital and the Podiatry Institute and will be graduating in June 2020. I am well-versed in all areas of forefoot reconstruction, rearfoot and ankle pathology, including trauma, elective reconstruction in both adults and pediatrics and limb salvage. I have a strong work ethic, self-motivated, and am eager to take on responsibilities. CV upon request.
Posted 10/14/19

Seeking position in: Houston or within 50 miles
Name: Chinenye Ezike
City: Houston
State: Texas
Email: tue89264@temple.edu
Podiatry College: Temple
Date Graduated: 2016

ABFAS, ABPM board qualified podiatrist with active Texas license seeking associate position in Houston area or within 50 miles. I have sound clinical skills as well as forefoot, rearfoot/ankle surgical skills and wound care. I completed my residency at St. John Hospital and Medical Center, Detroit from which I have gained a diverse array of experience in managing pediatric and adult pathologies. My resume and cover letter are available upon request.
Posted 9/19/19

Seeking position in: Pennsylvania, Florida
Name: Siavash Rostami
State: Florida
Email: srost002@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Barry University
Date Graduated: 2017

Currently a 3rd year Chief resident at Jackson South Medical Center in Miami, graduating June 2020. I have a strong clinical and surgical background with extensive training in lower extremity trauma, forefoot and rearfoot elective surgery. I'm energetic and personable, motivated and ready to work in all aspects of Podiatry. References/CV provided upon request
Posted 8/29/19


Seeking position in: Florida, Southeast, Midwest
Name: Kyle H
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Email: khaverstrom@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Barry University
Date Graduated: 2017

Currently finishing last year of residency at Jefferson Northeast (formerly Aria Health) in Philadelphia, PA. Seeking a full time position after residency June 2020. Trained and comfortable in all aspects of podiatry. Residency with trauma heavy emphasis but also with extensive training with elective surgery, limb salvage and reconstruction. Dedicated and motivated. Originally from Florida, looking to move back to Southeast or Midwest but open to all opportunities.
Posted 8/14/19

Seeking position in: Illinois, Indiana
Name: Nicholas Stepnoski
City: Chicago
State: IL
Email: ndstepno@gmail.com
Podiatry College: New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2017

Currently finishing training at Amita Health-St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, IL. Seeking full time employment at the completion of residency in June 2020. Well trained in forefoot and rearfoot procedures. I am currently looking for positions in the Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area. Highly adaptable, compassionate care provider, with strong clinical and surgical skills. Please feel free to contact me for additional information. CV and references upon request.
Posted 8/13/19

Seeking position in: Bay Area, CA
Name: Edward Youn
City: Walnut Creek
State: CA
Email: edyoun@gmail.com
Podiatry College: CSPM
Date Graduated: 2013

I am seeking an opportunity in the bay area. I have 2+ years experience in private practice (full scope foot and ankle, including wound care), board eligible in foot and ankle, active CA license, DEA, CA radiography and fluoroscopy license. Thank you for you kind consideration. Will email CV upon request.
Posted 3/26/19

Seeking position in: New Jersey
Name: Priscilla Howi
City: Marlton
State: NJ
Email: priscillazinyemba@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple University
Date Graduated: 2012

Hello, I have 2 year private practice experience, ABFAS board qualified. Hold active PA and NJ licenses. Please contact me anytime with any further questions and CV requests.
Posted 3/18/19

Seeking position in: Florida
Name: Joel DiSanti, DPM
City: Clearwater
State: FL
Email: doc@mobilefootdoc.com
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 1989

I am available for locum tenens coverage in Florida. Graduate from OCPM in 1989. Completed my residency at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Miami FL. I am willing to travel out of state where my license will be accepted such as at military installations or the Department of Veterans Affairs. My number is (727) 515-6868.
Posted 3/18/19

Seeking positon in: NY, NJ
Name: Jeffrey Knemoller
City: Staten Island
State: NY
Email: Jknemoller@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Ohio college of podiatric medicine
Date Graduated: 1993

Podiatrist with twenty years of practice experience.
Posted 3/18/19

Seeking position in: Columbus, OH and Nashville, TN
Name: Sam Post
Email: charcotfootdpm@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: Scholl College
Date Graduated:

PM&S Ė 36, 1 year limb salvage/reconstruction fellowship trained surgeon with 7+years of experience. I am well versed and experienced in wound care, external fixation, trauma, and forefoot / rearfoot reconstruction. Relocating to be closer to family. No nursing homes or house calls please. I am personable, energetic, motivated, and hardworking. ABFAS, wound care certified.
Posted 3/7/19

Seeking position in: Sacramento, CA, and surrounding area
Name: Adel Aitali
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
Email: aitaliadel@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Western University of Health Sciences
Date Graduated: 2016

Iím the chief resident at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and Iím looking to relocate back to the Sacramento area. Iím seeking a full time position after completion of residency in June 2019. Received extensive Foot and ankle training, in addition to prior clinical experience as a physical therapist. Fluent in Spanish, French, and Arabic. Interested in all aspects/settings of podiatry. Please feel free to contact me for additional information. Thank you.
Posted 3/1/19

Seeking position in: Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California
Name: Jared Leber
City: Sacramento
State: CA
Email: jeleber@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Western University of Health Science
Date Graduated: 2016

I am currently the Chief Resident at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento seeking full time employment following completion of my residency, July 2019. I have recieved extensive training in all aspects of Podiatric medicine and surgery. I have completed two medical missions to Guatemala and Nicaragua and am fluent in Spanish. Please donít hesitate to contact me for my CV and references. Thank you for your consideration.
Posted 2/18/19