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Seeking position in: Minnesota - Twin Cities Metro
Name:  Aaron Corfield
City:  Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
Email:  aaroncorfield@mac.com
Podiatry College:  Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated:    2012
I am a motivated resident graduating in June 2015. I am well trained in all aspects of podiatry, but have a professional interest in wound care. I hold myself to the highest ethical and moral standards. I am ready to hit the ground running in a busy and challenging practice environment. CV and professional references upon request.
Posted 11/8/14

Seeking position in: Tampa Bay and surrounding area, FL
Name: Amy K. Bodart
City:  Brandon
State: FL podiatrist: 
Email:  akbodart@gmail.com
Podiatry College:  Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated:    May 2010
Enthusiastic, Spanish-speaking podiatrist well-trained in forefoot and rearfoot trauma as well as routine podiatric medicine/surgery seeking to join a compassionate, collegial, patient-centered practice to provide exceptional foot and ankle care in both clinical and surgical settings
Posted 11/7/14

Seeking position in: Grand Rapids, MI and surrounding ares- Holland, Kalamazoo, Lansing
Name: Sandeep Bains
City: Grand Rapids
State: MI
Email:   bainsdpm@gmail.com 
Podiatry College:  Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated:    2009
Searching for full or part time opportunity in podiatry clinic or wound care
Posted 10/25/14

Seeking position in: Dallas, Texas; Phoenix, AZ; Austin, Texas; Southern California
Name: Ashley Diamond
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Email: Azredhangel@hotmail.com
Podiatry College: AZPOD
Date Graduated: 2012
Senior podiatry resident graduating University of Texas Health Science Center 3 year podiatric residency in June of 2015...searching for an exciting and challenging career. Please contact at azredhangel@hotmail.com if you have an open position in Texas, Arizona or California and are looking for an associate. Will email a CV upon reply.
Posted 10/14/14

Seeking position in: Western US (ID, UT, CO, WA, MT, WY, AZ, NM)
Name: Troy Shepherd
City: Bridgeport
State: CT
Email: uvsc06@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: Scholl
Date Graduated: 2012
I am a hardworking, ethical and compassionate senior resident at a comprehensive 3-year Podiatric Medicine and Surgery Residency (PMSR) program in Bridgeport, CT. Experienced in primary care, and elective, fracture, diabetic foot, wound care, and limb salvage surgery. I’m looking for a full-time opportunity with track to partnership upon completion of residency in July 2015. Please see my CV at www.linkedin.com/pub/troy-shepherd/73/63/972/ Thank you.
Posted 10/14/14


Seeking position in: South Florida, Southwestern Florida, Central Florida
Name: Ricardo Reyes
City: Miami
State: Florida
Email: rreyes2763@aol.com
Podiatry College: Barry University
Date Graduated: 1991
Podiatrist seeking part time position. Practicing in private practice for 21 years. Experienced in all aspects of general podiatry. Bilingual in English and Spanish. Just sold satellite office and looking to add some additional work hours. Enjoy working in office, clinic, or skilled nursing facility.
Posted 9/29/14

Seeking position in: CA, NJ
Name: Peter Awad
City: North Brunswick
State: NJ
Email: Dr.PeterAwad@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: May 2012
I am a resident graduating in June 2015 from a PMSR/RRA surgical residency. My training includes forefoot, rearfoot, biomechanics, trauma, with highly extensive clinical wound care experience and diabetic limb salvage. Looking for an opportunity to practice either in NJ or California, where my wife and family is from. Available to start July 2015. CV and References available upon request. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.
Posted 9/29/14

Seeking position in: Johnson City/Knoxville/Nashville, Tennessee. Portland, Oregon
Name: Jason Keeler
City: Toledo
State: Ohio
 Email: jkeeler3@kent.edu
Podiatry College: Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: May 2013
In my 2/3 years of residency at, level 1 trauma center, Mercy St Vincent's in Toledo, OH. Program founded in 1978 and is very well rounded PMSR w/ RRA. 28 attendings on staff, operate 5 days per week w/ operating privileges at 7 hosp/surg centers. Take call at 3 hospitals providing ample opportunity for emergency experience and managing inpt's. Highly motivated, looking to work around family. CV and letters of reference available upon request. Available to begin July 1, 2016
Posted 9/15/14

Seeking position in: Phoenix, Arizona
Name: Matthew Kaiman, DPM
City: Piermont
State: NY
Email: mattekaiman@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: June 1981
Seeking P/T position offering expertise in podiatric biomechanics and medicine. Well versed in dynamic gait analysis utilizing video and FScan gait analysis software. Willing to provide basic care as well. Ethical, hard working, with excellent patient skills. Transitioning to southwest last quarter of 2014 as per long time plan for family ties and favorable lifestyle.
Posted 9/3/14

Seeking position in: Seeking a position in CA, OR, WA, ID, UT, MT, WY, AZ, CO
Name: Trevor Haynes
City: Katy
State: TX- Texas
Email: thaynes78@gmail.com
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 2012
Resident graduating in June 2015 from a high volume surgical residency. Training in forefoot, rearfoot, biomechanics, trauma, wound care, etc. I am from Idaho and I am looking for a position back on the West Coast. I am a hardworking, honest, driven individual who is looking for a position where my skills and training can be maximally utilized.
Posted 9/3/14

Seeking position in: Ohio; will consider areas
Name: Michael Doran, DPM
City: Southaven
State: MS
Email: drmichaeldoran@gmail.com
Podiatry College: OCPM (now Kent State)
Date Graduated: 2010
Hardworking podiatrist with excellent communication skills. Confident in surgical abilities. Over one year of private practice experience. Currently licensed in OH, MS. Available to start November 2014.
Posted 9/1/14

Seeking position in: NYC area
Name: Dr. Harry G. Baldinger
City: Monsey
State: NY
Email: drbaldinger@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 1979
In private practice only all these years. Master Surgeon for HyProCure. Looking for nearby position with established group.
Posted 8/28/14

Seeking position in: Will Relocate
Name: Edugie Omoregbee
City: Cherry Hill
State: NJ
Email: edugie85@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2011
Hi future employers. I am seeking a full time associate position. I will be graduating in June 2015 from a PSMR36 program. My training speaks for it self. What you are more interested in is finding out who I am and what I can offer your practice. I am a hard working and genuine individual. I am most concerned with providing great care to my patients. I am also aware of the importance of building a brand and ensuring a lasting practice. If this add peaks your interest feel free to contact me.
Posted 8/28/14

Seeking positon in: Minnesota - Twin Cities Metro Area
Name: Kevin D Lind, DPM, FACFAS
City: Minneapolis
State: MN
Email: kdldpm@outlook.com
Podiatry College: Des Moines University - College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery
Date Graduated: 1995
I am looking for an opportunity for a Foot and Ankle Surgeon/Podiatrist in Minnesota. 17 years of practice experience. Board Certified by ABFAS. All aspects of foot/ankle surgery.
Posted 8/23/14

Seeking position in: Atlanta, Georgia
Name: Vann Johnson
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Email: dr_vannjohnson@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: Barry University
Date Graduated: 2008
Board eligible podiatrist with 3 years from residency in the working field. Highly motivated and social, with room to grow. High trained at trauma facility on all aspects of foot and ankle, diabetic care, wound care, daily foot care.
Posted 8/11/14

Seeking position in: California (Prefer SF/Bay Area); Austin, TX
State: NY
Email: cjwower@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Des Moines University
Date Graduated: 2011
Co-chief resident, Board Eligible at North Shore - Long Island Jewish Medical Center in NY seeking full-time position as partner/associate in podiatry or multi-disciplinary group. I specialize in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, sport medicine, plastic surgery of the foot, podo-pediatric medicine, and advanced lower extremity wound care. Expected availability in July 2015.
Posted 8/5/14

Seeking position in: NY, NJ
Name: Dr Jeffrey Knemoller
City: Staten Island
State: NY
Email: Somersetpodiatry@aol.com
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 1993
Podiatrist with 16 years of practice experience

Posted 7/15/14

Seeking position in: St. Louis MO
Name: Leland Jaffe DPM, AACFAS, CWSP
City: St. Louis
State: Missouri
Email: leland.jaffe@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Scholl College Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2008
I am a board certified wound specialist seeking a hospital based position with a focus on diabetic limb salvage / wound care. Also looking to have involvement in a multi-specialty wound clinic.
Posted 7/15/14

Seeking position in: Florida
Name: Marcelo Villalba

City: Haines City
State: Florida 
email: mvillalb@tampabay.rr.com
Podiatry College: Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 1997
I am seeking a part time or full time position in Florida (preferably in central Florida). I have thirteen years experience in private practice and I am board certified in medicine and surgery by the American Board of Multiple Specialties in Podiatry.
Posted 7/6/14

Seeking position in: St. Augustin, Fl, Northeast Fl
Name: Robert P. Bewley, D.P.M.

City: Nebo
State: N.C.
email: robertbewley7@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 1972
Seeking part-time non-surgical position. Over 35 yrs. experience in all phases of podiatry. Formerly Board Certified by ABFAS. No history of professional liability problems.
Posted 6/17/14

Seeking position in: Chicago
Name: Zachary Moody

City: Prospect Heights
State: IL
email: zachary.moody@my.rfums.org
Podiatry College: Scholl
Date Graduated: 2011
I'm a soon-to-be graduate of a PMSR-36 residency with extensive experience in wound care and limb salvage. I will be moving to the Chicago area in July and am seeking full-time employment there. Please contact me at zachary.moody@my.rfums.org with any opportunities you may have. Thank you 
Posted 5/19/14

Seeking position in: CALIFORNIA, preferably Southern California (LA, OC, SD)
Name: Lisa Nhan
City: Los Angeles
State: CA
email:  LisaNhanDPM@gmail.com
Podiatry College: CSPM
Date Graduated: 2011
Highly motivated individual seeking full-time position after completion of PM&S 36 residency June 2014. CV and references available upon request.
Posted 5/8/14

Seeking position in: Will Relocate
Name: Candice L Edwards
City: Decatur
State: GA
email: edwardscandice444@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Barry University
Date Graduated: May 2010
Greetings! I am actively seeking employment in Atlanta, GA and its surrounding areas. My residency was completed in Brooklyn, NY in July of 2013. I am eager to be hired and start working as early as July 1, 2014. I would be honored to join your team. Please contact me if you have any openings. I will be more than happy to supply you with several references that will speak to my work ethic, background, and training. I look forward to hearing from you!
Posted 5/5/14

Seeking position in: Open
Name: Brittany Stillman , DPM
City: West Bloomfield
email: brittany.stillman@allegiancehealth.org
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: May 2010
Board certified, completing fellowship in reconstructive rearfoot and trauma surgery June 2014. Specializing in forefoot, rearfoot, trauma, sports medicine, inpatient management, diabetic limb salvage and woundcare. Seeking full time associate position. Willing to relocate for great opportunity. Contact me for a copy of my CV. 570-417-5303 or brittany.stillman@allegiancehealth.org

Posted 4/21/14

Seeking position in: Dallas- Ft. Worth Area, Texas
Name: Peter DeFrank
City: Dallas
State: Texas
email: Footdoc8390@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: O.C.P.M.
Date Graduated: 1983
Hard-working podiatrist with over 24 years practice experience seeking a full-time/part time position in office, clinic or hospital setting in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Also have house-call and nursing home experience. CV and references upon request.
Posted 2/25/14

Seeking position in: CO, Southern California, Las Vegas region
Name: Lorelei Lam
City: Denver
State: CO
email: lorelei.lam@my.rfums.org
Podiatry College: Scholl
Date Graduated: 2011
Highly motivated, graduating 3rd year resident. My PMS36 residency provided excellent training, encompassing a broad range of podiatric clinical conditions and a diverse variety of forefoot and rearfoot surgeries. Well-trained in pre-, peri-, and post-operative management. Also trained to primarily admit, evaluate, and medically co-manage in-patients. Seeking an associate position, academic position, or a multi-specialty/hospital position. Will take both the ABPS and ABPM exams this spring.
Posted 2/24/14

Seeking position in: USA
Name: Dan
City: Bergenfield
State: NJ
email: Dnlpollack@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2010
I am completing a four year intensive surgical residency, and am considering moving out of the country but, would like to work part time here doing surgeries. Is anyone interested?
Posted 2/10/14

Seeking position in: Chicagoland Area and Northwest Indiana
Name: Dr. Jairo Cruz Jr DPM
City: Schererville
State: Indiana
email: jairo.cruzjr@gmail.com 
Podiatry College: Ohio College of Poditric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2011
Currently chief resident at Vanguard Weiss Memorial Hospital. I am well trained in all aspects of podiatric medicine and surgery. I have excellent bedside manner and would prove to be a great asset for any practice.
Posted 1/31/14


Seeking position in: Austin, TX, NJ, FL, NH, NY
Name: Liliya Gumenik
e-mail: lilya555@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated:
I'm looking for podiatry position. I'm reliable, mature and personal . I'm Board Qualified in ABPS and board certified in ABPM. I'm willing to relocate for the right opportunity.
Posted 1/27/14

Seeking position in: Tennessee, Kentucky
Name: Lindsay Foust
City: North Canton
State: Ohio
email: lfoustdpm@gmail.com
Podiatary College: Kent State University College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated:    2011
I am currently chief resident in a 3 year program.  I am seeking a full time job as podiatric clinician and surgeon. 
Posted 1/27/14

Seeking position in: Anywhere in the US, but Greater NY area preferred
Name: John
City: New York
State: NY
email: schwerdtbook@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2010
4th year resident in PMSR/RRA program graduating in July 2014 and looking for full-time position. Would prefer job that comes with ER call, inpatient care, residency program involvement. Looking to have a balanced practice for myself with multiple responsibilities and room for personal and professional growth. CV available at http://goo.gl/ssQDzN

Posted 1/14/14

Seeking position in: USA/prefer New York/Pennsylvania but will consider all
Name: Edmund
City: Las Vegas
State: Nevada
email: edejm102968@aol.com
Podiatry College: ccpm
Date Graduated: 1983
Podiatrist with 20 years exp, has not practiced for several years volunteering overseas… Seeking preceptorship/mentorship in busy well-rounded practice for up to a year to retool Pod Med/Sx skills and learn P.M. 2014.. I do NOT require compensation..simply looking to learn and improve.
Posted 1/7/14

Seeking position in: TX (Dallas), GA (Atlanta), SC, KY, TN, IL
Name: Kelly May
email: kellyyenser@gmail.com
Podiatry College: SCPM
Date Graduated: 2011
I am a 3rd year resident graduating from residency in June 2014.
Posted 11/24/13

Seeking position in: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Peoria, Maricopa,Arizona
Name: Nima Sana
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
email4podexch: nimasana@hotmail.com 
Podiatry College: NY College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2011
Motivated individual seeking full-time position following completion of PM&S 36 residency June 2014. References and CV available upon request.
Posted 11/15/13

Seeking position in: Paducah, KY Western KY
Name: Harry Byrne DPM
City: Paducah
State: Ky
contact info: 270-871-0895
Podiatry College: Temple University
Date Graduated: 1989
Looking for an immediate Podiatry Associate interested in joining an existing practice in Kentucky. Contact 2708710895
Posted 11/4/13

Seeking position in: USA: NY, NJ, DE, PA, TX, CA, WA, CO, VA, HI, KY, FL, IL
Name: Kimberly Nguyen
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
email: kimberlyhnguyen@gmail.com 
Podiatry College: TUSPM- Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2010
Highly motivated, well-trained (PMSR-36), hard working, outgoing, ethical, friendly, and caring podiatrist seeking FT position after completion of PMSR residency; available to start 7/2014. CV and references available upon request.
Posted 10/22/13

Seeking position in: Boston/New England Area
Name: Allyson Berglund
City: Boston
State: MA
email: aberglun@bidmc.harvard.edu
Podiatry College: Scholl
Date Graduated: 2011
Current third year chief resident at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School, in Boston, MA. Will be graduating in late June 2014. Interested in academics/teaching and resident/student education. Would be available to start in July 2014. Will send CV and references upon request.
Posted 10/20/13

Seeking position in: Western United State (OR, WA, ID, WY, ND, SD, UT, MT
Name: Benjamin Willis
City: Bronx
State: NY
email: bwillis@montefiore.org 
Podiatry College: Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2011
Finishing PMS-36 surgical residency in the Bronx, NY. Seeking full time opportunities to return home to the West! Hard working family man trained in surgical correction foot/ankle deformity and trauma. Experienced in limb salvage/wound care in hospital/clinical settings. Seeking associate position w/ potential for advancement to partner. Strong personal emphasis placed on medical missions, and local community involvement. Available to work 7/1/2014. Please contact for CV and references.
Posted 10/14/13

Seeking position in: NY, NJ
Name: Dr Jeffrey Knemoller
City: Staten Island
State: NY
email: Somersetpodiatry@aol.com
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 1993
Looking for part time position in NY or NJ. Sixteen years of practice experience
Posted 10/11/13

Seeking position in: Denver, CO area, SLC, WA, OR
Name: Heather Kaufman
City: Grand Junction
State: CO
email: doctorfoot72@yahoo.com 
Podiatry College: OCPM (Now Kent State Univ.)
Date Graduated: 2007
Podiatrist with 6 years experience in practice seeking position in Denver metro. Board Certified in foot surgery, qualified in RRA. Fellow ACFAS. Interest in wound care. Surgically skilled in forefoot and rear foot surgery. Highly motivated, moral, ethical and compassionate.
Posted 10/11/13