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Seeking position in: Macon, Georgia
Name: Amy G. Wilson, DPM
City: Macon
State: GA
Email: awilsonpodiatry@gmail.com
Podiatry College: California School of Podiatric Medicine at Samuel Merritt University
Date Graduated: 05/27/2018

I am a graduating podiatrist from a RMSR/RRA residency in San Francisco, CA. I will be relocating to the Macon, Georgia area this upcoming summer & am very excited to be joining the podiatric community in Georgia soon!
I am a hard working, driven, new practitioner who is enthusiastic for the upcoming opportunities that Georgia holds. Please contact for additional details (CV, info, discussions) regarding my experience and achievements. https://amygwilson90.wixsite.com/my-site-1


Seeking position in: Southeast, Southwest, Northwest
Name: Bahaa Amer, DPM, FACPM, CWSP
City: Fishkill
State: NY
Email: bahaaamer@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated:

ABPM and ABWM board certified podiatrist with over 5 years of successful experience in podiatry and wound care. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in healthcare industry. Strengths in patient medical and surgical care backed by training in podiatry and wound care.
Posted 3/5/21

Seeking position in: CA, OR, WA, NV, AZ, CO, NM, MA
Name: Yen Tran
Email: sjhyen.tran@gmail.com
Podiatry College: CSPM
Date Graduated: 2018

Chief resident at AMITA Health, IL will be completing residency in June 2021. Training provides full spectrum including competitive case load and high volume clinics. Experience in forefoot and rearfoot surgery, sports medicine, pediatrics, diabetics and limb preservation. I'm looking for full time position in group practice or hospital setting. Hard-worker and compassionate provider looking to set up roots and serve community.
Posted 2/16/21

Seeking position in: Oregon, Florida, Texas, but open to any region in the lower 48
Name: Julien Adicho DPM
City: Queens
State: NY
Email: julienadicho@gmail.com
Podiatry College: KSUCPM
Date Graduated: 05/2018

Podiatrist soon to graduate from NYC residency program looking for position, full time or part time. I have experience in wound care, forefoot and rearfoot surgery, trauma, biomechanics, billing and coding, geriatric podiatry, and pediatric podiatry. I am looking to joint a small to medium sized practice that is looking to expand. I am open to any location if the opportunity is right.
Posted 12/16/20

Seeking position in: Nassau or western Suffolk County
David Stewart DPM
State: NY
Email: davidstewart.dpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 1994

Experienced Podiatrist with excellent references seeking position in Nassau or western Suffolk County, NY
Posted 11/12/20

Seeking position in: United States
Name: Ryan D.
City: Lakewood
State: OH
Email: ryan.deleon88@gmail.com
Podiatry College: KSUCPM
Date Graduated: 2021

New Grad seeking full time private practice/hospital based position for July 2021. Diverse and well rounded education including conservative and surgical training. Exposure to elective and non-elective procedures including forefoot deformity correction, muscle flaps, limb salvage, charcot reconstruction, and infection control. In addition, I have attended workshops such as AOFAS to further develop my treatment algorithms and techniques. Thank you for your consideration
Posted 11/10/20

Seeking position in: Maine, Indiana
Name: Paul Kanter DPM
City: Ocala
State: FL
Email: paulkanterdpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: !980

Available for non surgical Locum Tenens.
Posted 10/23/20

Seeking position in: NY, NJ
Name: Jeffrey Knemoller
City: Staten Island
State: New York
Email: Jknemoller@gmail.com
Podiatry College: OCPM
Date Graduated: 1993

Podiatrist with over twenty years of practice experience. Looking for position.
Posted 8/4/20

Seeking position in: South Florida (Miami-Dade, Broward, and/or Palm Beach County)
Name: J Louis
City: Miami
State: FL
Email: jesjoule63@gmail.com
Podiatry College: TUSPM
Date Graduated: 2016

Current, licensed podiatrist in Florida. Graduated in 2019 from the Miami VA residency program. Seeking a position in a group, private practice, or mobile-based practice. Interested in providing general and routine podiatric, diabetic, and geriatric foot care with minor office procedures as necessary. Also experience/interest in providing care in nursing homes/ALFs and patient homes. Reliable, hard-working, compassionate and a team player. CV, resume, reference available upon request.
Posted 7/6/20

Seeking position in: MI, IL, CA, OR, CO, AZ, FL
Name: Radu P
City: Trenton
State: MI
Email: rpurtucdpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2013

It is with great interest that I am looking for the right opportunity and right fit to further advance my unique surgical practice skillsets and to fulfill a long term career goal. I express high levels of empathy, analytical problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and strong written and verbal communication skills. I posses excellent knowledge of therapeutic and surgical treatments for the lower extremities.
Posted 7/6/20

Seeking position in: CA, OR, WA, IL, and Mid-Atlantic region
Name: Riddhi Shah
State: Pennsylvania
Email: shahriddhi91@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Western University of Health Sciences
Date Graduated: 2017

I am the current Chief Resident at UPMC Pinnacle in Harrisburg, PA and will be graduating at the end of June 2020. I am seeking a diverse, full time position to start in July 2020. I am self-motivated, reliable, and energetic seeking a career in inpatient/outpatient setting that includes elective surgeries, wound care, and trauma. I am willing to relocate. CV upon request.
Posted 6/15/20