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Seeking position in: PA, IL, GA
Name: Michael An
City: Philadelphia
State: PA
Email: an.michael.s@gmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple University
Date Graduated: 2020

Iím currently looking for an open podiatrist position. I completed a 36-month surgical residency & currently completing a CPME fellowship in plastic surgery. I am from Nolensville, TN & am interested in living in the area. Please let me know if you are interested in discussing further, please email me at an.michael.s@gmail.com.
Posted 3/25/24


Seeking position in: Southeast Michigan
Name: Amjad R. Khan
City: Jersey City
State: NJ
Email: amjadkhandpm@gmail.com
Podiatry College: William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: 2019

I am currently the chief fourth year resident at Bellevue Hospital Center in New York City. I will be graduating in June 2024 with PMSR/RRA certification. I am planning on relocating back to Michigan after graduation. I am looking, ideally, for an associate position with the opportunity for potential partnership. Iím confident I can be a valuable contributor to any private practice, specialty group or hospital looking for a well rounded and well-trained podiatric surgeon.
Posted 2/27/24

Seeking position in: Long Island/Queens
City: Long Island
State: NY
Email: ahwedding1016@gmail.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2015

Experienced podiatrist in all aspects (out of residency 6 years) working for private practice seeking an opportunity to transition a buy in/buy out for a retiring provider.
Posted 2/18/24

Seeking position in: Tampa, Florida
Name: Amer, B.
City: Tampa
State: FL
Email: bahaaamer@yahoo.com
Podiatry College: NYCPM
Date Graduated: 2016

ABPM and ABWM board certified podiatrist with over 5 years of successful experience in podiatry and wound care looking for multispecialty, hospital base or private practice position.
Posted 2/18/24

Seeking position in: Metro Detroit MI
Name: Reema
City: Detroit
State: MI
Email: Reemanaman1128@gmail.com
Podiatry College: New York College of Podiatric Medicine
Date Graduated: May 2020

I am currently a podiatry fellow, seeking a full or part time position in a practice or hospital group with teaching opportunities available. Completed my residency training at Heritage valley in Beaver, Pennsylvania, and recently moved back to Michigan to complete my fellowship.
Posted 1/1/24

Seeking position in: Houston, TX
Name: Harsh Amin DPM, AACFAS, MS.
City: Houston
State: TX
Email: harshamin@hotmail.com
Podiatry College: Temple University
Date Graduated: 2016

I am an ACFAS trained fellow in rearfoot reconstruction/trauma/limb salvage who recently relocated to Houston, TX. I am currently working in north Houston. I am looking for an office base position in/around Houston. I am hardworking, ethical, and easygoing. I have previously worked in Hospital and office based practice. I also have experience working with students and residents. Phone - (267)-699-6556, harshamin@hotmail.com  02/17/2023