The Greater Texas Education Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation. Its mission is to foster,
promote, and support post-graduate medical education and residency genesis. In addition to organizing various continuing medical education programs and promoting research, the foundation is the administrator of the
Harris County Podiatric Surgical Residency and Fellowship Programs.
The nonprofit Greater Texas Education Foundation now supports the
Harris County Podiatric Surgical Residency Program and Fellowship training. The program consists of over 40 active Podiatric attendings and 20
surgeons of various medical specialties, including plastics, general, and orthopedic surgery. We are a high volume program with an average of over 3500 foot and ankle cases per year.

Wet Lab  Greater Texas Education Foundation, in conjunction with the Harris County Podiatric Surgical Residency Program, is introducing a different concept in the arena of foot and ankle surgical training. With the advancements in foot and ankle surgery over the past years, many surgeons both new and established, are looking for a way to learn new techniques or just brush up on the basics.

The Harris County Podiatric Surgical Residency and Fellowship Programs
are excited to introduce two teaching tools for the advancement of Podiatric education.

The first, an instructional VHS video solely illustrates the Lapidus arthrodesis procedure for hallux valgus repair.
The second, a DVD (also available in video format), covers eighteen common rearfoot procedures which also includes the Lapidus. They range from an Evan's calcaneal osteotomy and tarsal tunnel repair to a transfibular ankle arthrodesis.These professionally-edited videos are all narrated by Dr. Sam Mendicino.

  1. First Metatarsal Cuneiform Arthrodesis (The Lapidus)

  2. Tarsal Tunnel Repair

  3. Heel Spur Resection (Open Technique)

  4. Haglund's Deformity

  5. Retrocalcaneal Exostectomy

  6. Transpositional Calcaneal Osteotomy

  7. Evans Calcaneal Osteotomy

  8. Isolated Subtalar Joint Arthrodesis

  9. Calcaneal Cuboid Distraction Arthrodesis

  10. Flexor Digitorum Longus Tendon Transfer

  11. Kidner Resection

  12. Os Trigonum Resection

  13. Isolated Talonavicular Joint Arthrodesis

  14. Triple Arthrodesis

  15. Open Achilles Tendon Lengthening

  16. Gastrocnemius Recession

  17. Brostrom - Lateral Collateral Ligament Repair

  18. Transfibular Ankle Arthrodesis

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 Jeffrey S Stevens D.P.M
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